Ke$ha's tattoos symbolise her life.

The 'Die Young' singer has numerous inkings all over her body and she says each etching represents something important or meaningful to her.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I mean they're all silly little stupid tattoos, but I consider them to be like scars, you know? They symbolise my life. It was amazing.

''I'll have more. I have a tattoo gun. I give tattoos as well.''

Despite her success now, Ke$ha says she will always stay grounded as she keeps in touch with her childhood friends and always remembers the days she worked as a waitress.

She said of her previous job: ''I think it definitely helps me appreciate what I do, because, waiting tables, I was so bad at it and I was miserable when I was doing it so every day I'm so happy that I get to make music for a living.

''I keep in touch with my childhood friends and I try to catch up with them once in a couple of months. I try to keep in touch just because it does keep you grounded to stay friends with people that knew you way before I knew this craziness was happening.