Kesha has signed on to serve as a judge on a new ABC singing talent show, Rising Star, as part of a panel of experts alongside rapper Ludacris and singer-songwriter Brad Paisley. The 'Tik Tok' star's appointment on the reality TV show will be her first since her recent rehab stay, which was due prompted by eating disorder.

Kesha Is About To Become A Judge On New Singing Show, 'Rising Star.'

The contest, which is set to premiere on the 22nd June hosted by singer Josh Groban, has a fairly simple premise: prior to the show, viewers enter online through a free app that will allow them to vote in real time when the contestants are performing.

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The panel of judges are able to influence the vote, but it will be the viewers at home who have the lion's share of influence.

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The success of the contestant is based on whether they achieve a certain percentage approval benchmark that is shown in a progress bar on the side of the screen. The contestant who receives a high enough approval rating from the viewers' voters as well as a thumbs up from the judges will see the giant screen in front of them rise, allowing them to both see the audience and progress to the next round.

Josh Groban
Singer Josh Groban Will Host The Exciting New TV Show.

The show is set to be visually and technologically spectacular with giant video wall that shows viewers voting on the singer in real time as the performance progresses. The results will appear on the video wall, and if the performer gets high marks from the viewers, the video wall will rise and the singer will get a glimpse of the studio audience.

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The idea for the show was born in Israel where it garnered staggering ratings - a massive 44% share in its timeslot - and the promise that the success of the innovative idea could be translated internationally, which is something both the US' ABC and the UK's ITV are banking on.

ABC's Rising Star will premiere on the 22nd June this year. Meanwhile, Ludacris will host this Sunday's (18th May) Billboard Music Awards on ABC from 8pm.

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