After Kesha lost the latest round of her legal battle to free herself from her contract with producer Dr Luke, a number of artists have been showing their support for the singer on social media. Now Jack Antonoff, guitarist for The Fun. and DJ Zedd have both reached out to Kesha and offered to help her record new music.

KeshaJack Antonoff And Zedd have offered to help Kesha make new music.

On twitter Antonoff wrote: ‘Hey @kesharose -- don't know what the legal specifics are, but if you want to make something together & then leak it for everyone I'm around. Or just make something and wait on it till that creep can't block you anymore. Standing offer from me and everyone I work with.’

Producer Zedd also offered his services via twitter, writing: ‘@KeshaRose very very sorry to hear about the whole situation. I'll be happy to produce a song for you if you want my help.’

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Antonoff is best known for his work in bands Bleaches and The Fun., but he’s also produced music for artists including Taylor Swift. Zedd has worked with Ariana Grande and Foxes and released his latest album True Colors last year.

On twitter yesterday Dr Luke broke his silence on his legal battle with Kesha, denying that he had raped Kesha or ever had sex with her. ‘Until now I haven’t commented on the lawsuits, which should be resolved in court not here on Twitter,’ Dr Luke wrote.

‘I didn’t rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her. Kesha and I were friends for many years and she was like my little sister…Kesha and I made a lot of songs together and it was often good but there were creative differences at times…It’s sad that she would turn a contract negotiation into something so horrendous and untrue.’

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Following Friday’s court ruling, lawyers for Dr Luke also released a statement saying Kesha was ‘free’ to record new music. “The New York County Supreme Court on Friday found that Kesha is already ‘free’ to record and release music without working with Dr. Luke as a producer if she doesn’t want to. Any claim that she isn’t ‘free’ is a myth," the statement read.

"Dr. Luke and his companies invested in Kesha’s success through their contributions, Sony Music has already spent over $11 million promoting Kesha, and Sony Music and its label Kemosabe Records are committed to continuing to promote her work."