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20th February 2017

Quote: "I don't have anything to say about that. Of course I would (want the role)." Kerry Washington plays coy on rumours she'll play Domino in the Deadpool sequel.

18th January 2017

Quote: "I had no idea what I was having. I said I hoped it was human. That turned out to be right. It's a human boy." Kerry Washington on giving birth to son Caleb Kelechi.

17th January 2017

Quote: "They were still dancing when I left at 3.30 in the morning. We tried to go home around one, but as we were leaving, Usher approached my husband and he was like, 'Oh no, you can't leave, it's just getting started...' He's a terrible influence, that Usher." Kerry Washington reveals President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle know how to throw a party. The Scandal star was among the lucky guests to attend the couple's farewell bash at the White House earlier this month (Jan17).

13th May 2016

Quote: "My parents don't want me to answer that." Actress Kerry Washington upon being asked if her Scandal boss Shonda Rhimes knew about her second pregnancy before her mum and dad.

10th April 2016

Quote: "I had this very inspiring teacher, named Larry Maldonado... For anybody in the Bronx, he was our role model, and he had an awesome substitute teacher, named Jennifer, who would sometimes step in and teach, but then she left to move to L.A. and be on In Living Color... I learned to dance from J.Lo... There are so many cool things about me, but that's the best." Actress Kerry Washington reveals Jennifer Lopez was one of her dance teachers when she was young.

30th December 2015

Tweet: "Wasn't planning on an official social media hiatus but... I'm somewhere very special with humans that I LOVE. And so I'm shutting it down. With love... SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!" Scandal star Kerry Washington signs off Twitter for the New Year break.

7th October 2015

Fact: Actress Kerry Washington and rocker Tom Morello will be honoured for their efforts to promote civil rights and social justice at the Southern California chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union's Bill of Rights Awards Dinner on 8 November (15). Past honourees include Barbara Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, Martin Scorsese and Hans Zimmer.

28th September 2015

Quote: "I'm a really private person, and I feel like at some point you will (see her), but for now it is what it is." Actress Kerry Washington has no plans to share the first photos of her daughter Isabelle just yet. The Scandal beauty welcomed her first child with former American footballer Nnamdi Asomugha last year (14).

27th September 2015

Quote: "I was at an event... and I was in the middle of the red carpet and... I heard that he was three minutes away, so I ran off the carpet with two crews from the carpet, we all ran across the street from The Plaza Hotel... to see him... He was driving by on Fifth Avenue so we stood out there and got to see him wave from the Fiat (car). It was very exciting." Actress Kerry Washington decided briefly leave an event and join the crowds to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis as he passed through New York City on Thursday night (24Sep15).

22nd April 2015

Tweet: "So many of you sent beautiful birthday wishes for Isabelle yesterday. Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind. We thank you!" Actress Kerry Washington thanks fans for their sweet messages after celebrating her daughter's first birthday on Tuesday (21Apr15).

8th April 2015

Fact: Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Kerry Washington had to stand on out-of-shot boxes to measure up to U.S. First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA for a new Glamour magazine cover shoot. The three women met at the White House recently to discuss a new campaign aimed at aiding women in the military and the spouses of soldiers serving overseas, but when it came time to take the photo in the East Room it was clear Obama towered over her guests, so the TV stars were invited to stand on blocks.

5th February 2015

Quote: "My daughter gets to be at work with me a lot... and everybody at work really likes it. She brings a lot of joy whereever she is. I go back to the trailer when I can and sometimes she comes to visit on set - but certain scenes, as you might be able to imagine, she's not allowed!" Scandal star Kerry Washington brings baby daughter Isabelle on the set of her sexy Tv drama.

26th January 2015

Quote: "Last year at the Oscars when I presented, I was, I don't know, like, 12 months pregnant (sic), and I insisted on wearing Louboutin. My mother said she held her breath the whole time. Her nightmare was I would trip and fall and what would that mean? I said, 'I'll be fine' because I knew with (Louboutin), I have nothing to worry about." Kerry Washington admits her mum was worried for the actress' wellbeing as the then-heavily pregnant star tottered along the red carpet at the 2014 Oscars in Christian Louboutin high heels.

26th January 2015

Quote: "I'm mostly working 16-hour days and spending a lot of time running after my little girl." Actress Kerry Washington reveals how she lost her baby weight. The Scandal star gave birth to Isabelle nine months ago.

29th December 2014

Tweet: "Keep feeling the need to get more quiet, reflective & in the 'now' during this holiday break. So making it official. See ya next year..." Scandal star Kerry Washington is taking a self-imposed Twitter break for the rest of the holidays.

27th October 2014

Quote: "It would be an honour to be on the show, but it's been hearsay. It really is the fans... who thought it would be very cool for me to do a character arc on the show. I would love to go over there and rock with them, but I'm happy doing House of Lies right now." Actor Larenz Tate insists rumours about an upcoming appearance on Kerry Washington's hit political drama Scandal are unfounded.

9th October 2014

Quote: "You wouldn't know it from my build, but Jennifer taught me how to dance. I remember when she left the Boys Club (youth group) because she was leaving New York to go to L.A. to try and make it big and we were all like, 'Oh my gosh.'" Scandal star Kerry Washington reveals she has her childhood pal Jennifer Lopez to thank for her dance skills. The girls both grew up in the Bronx, New York.

1st August 2014

Quote: "I like them very much... We're friendly... I can text people who are with them." Actress Kerry Washington admits she's close to President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, but not too close.

28th July 2014

Quote: "Do you know what, I'm reluctant to say, I watched the whole thing of? Scandal. It's amazing. I was with somebody, they were watching, I was like, 'What is this show?' and I watched one episode... and then I literally spent the next four days watching the whole thing. I love it... Scandal is like, the sort of stepbrother or stepchild of House of Cards." Actor Bradley Cooper is hooked on Kerry Washington's political drama.

24th July 2014

Quote: "She showed me her baby pictures, and that is one cute baby!" U.S. President Barack Obama gushes about Kerry Washington's newborn daughter, Isabelle, after the Scandal actress shared photos of the tot at a political fundraiser she co-hosted in his honour on Wednesday (23Jul14). The baby is the star's first with her husband, former American footballer Nnamdi Asomugha.

24th July 2014

Fact: Actress Portia De Rossi is joining the cast of Kerry Washington's hit political drama Scandal. The former Ally MCBeal star has landed a guest role for a new story arc in the series' upcoming season four, which returns to U.S. Tv screens in September (14).

10th July 2014

Tweet: "Wow. Woke up to @TheEmmys nom & more #Scandal... Truly gr8ful & crazy humbled (sic)... Thank You. I love my job! Love always, Kerry." Kerry Washington is thrilled after her political drama Scandal landed a slew of nominations ahead of the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards.

11th June 2014

Quote: "You know I don't talk about this stuff. I will say I feel really, really blessed. I just feel really blessed that I'm kind of living extraordinary dreams come true in my work life and in my personal life." Famously private actress Kerry Washington is loving life as a mother after the birth of her daughter in April (14).

11th February 2014

Quote: "She's very excited about being a mum. She's sort of floating around having just been married and now having a baby and putting a family together. She's in pig heaven, as they say." Scandal actor Joe Morton reveals his onscreen daughter, Kerry Washington, cannot wait to become a parent. The actress is expecting her first child with her husband, retired American football star Nnamdi Asomugha.

13th January 2014

Quote: "I feel like I have the best date of the night, my little accessory here." Scandal actress Kerry Washington proudly displayed her growing baby bump while on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (12Jan14).

13th January 2014

Quote: "I have this beautiful Balenciaga gown that Alexander Wang designed for me and I feel like he designed it more for this bump, which I'm really happy with." Actress Kerry Washington on the mum-to-be gown she wore to the Golden Globe Awards.

26th November 2013

Fact: Actress Kerry Washington has teamed up with U.S. President Barack Obama to launch a mentor programme for U.S students. The star will front the Turnaround Arts Initiative project aimed at elevating the importance of art subjects in education. Students participating in the programme will have the opportunity to be mentored by many notable figures including U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama and cellist Yo Yo Ma.

15th November 2013

Quote: "I got a text from Oprah... She actually made fun of me making fun of her, so she sort of made fun of herself. She said, 'I looooooooved your Oprah'." Actress Kerry Washington's impersonation of Oprah Winfrey on Saturday Night Live was a big hit with the multi-media queen.

15th November 2013

Quote: "I had eczema as a kid. I always had really dry skin... so I've always gone to dermatologists since I was a little girl, so I loved the idea of working with a company that's not out there making false promises. All of the products are based in real science... I'm one of the faces of the company but I'm also there as a creative consultant so I've been spending time with a lot of the scientists and people developing products." Actress Kerry Washington on her role as an ambassador for skincare company Neutrogena.

1st November 2013

Quote: "I dress up as other people for a living all year long, so on Halloween, I like to be myself. And nobody gives me candy for dressing up all year long. That's not fair." Pregnant actress Kerry Washington is not a big fan of the annual costume holiday.

18th October 2013

Quote: "I had this dream as a child. What I really wanted to be when I grew up was the woman in the Shamu show with the killer whale at Sea World." Kerry Washington studied marine biology in a bid to land her dream job at the Florida theme park before discovering her love of acting.

17th October 2013

Fact: Actress Kerry Washington will try her hand at sketch comedy for her first-ever appearance on U.S. show Saturday Night Live. The Scandal star will present the 2 November (13) episode, while rapper Eminem will serve as the musical guest.

3rd October 2013

Quote: "I actually am going to be on a plane but I have made sure that the plane has wi-fi, so that I'm able to live tweet both episodes while I'm flying across the country, so I'll be live tweeting from 30,000 feet above." Actress Kerry Washington hopes to keep in touch with fans of hit Tv drama Scandal from on high when the show returns to U.S. screens on Thursday night (03Oct13).

1st October 2013

Fact: Actress Jennifer Hudson has poked fun at Kerry Washington's role in hit political drama Scandal by filming a spoof for comedy website In Scandalous, the Dreamgirls star runs around Washington, D.C. as a "covert scandal manager", meeting clients on park benches and in dark alleys in search of a good case.

30th September 2013

Fact: Kerry Washington's Tv wardrobe from hit political drama Scandal is set to go on display online and at select locations of American luxury store Saks Fifth Avenue. Designer outfits worn by the actress in her role as problem-solver Olivia Pope will be featured in a special window installation at the retailer's New York flagship store, in addition to its Beverly Hills and Chevy Chase, Maryland venues, from 2 October (13), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

12th September 2013

Fact: Actress Kerry Washington is cousins with former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.

4th September 2013

Quote: "I learned through experience that it doesn't work for me to talk about my personal life. I've had earlier times in my career when I did talk about it. I was on the cover of a bridal magazine. But I couldn't just turn around and say, 'I only want to talk about the good stuff, but not the bad stuff.' So I just thought, 'Ok, no more'... When people say congratulations, I say, 'Thank you'. But I'm going to continue to not talk about it." Actress Kerry Washington, who secretly wed American football star Nnamdi Asomugha earlier this summer (13), insists she won't be unveiling details about their romance or nuptials.

17th July 2013

Tweet: "Twitter hiatus was important and good. But I love being back here with you guys... I just wanna say: its (sic) great being back & I Love reading all your tweets. But... Fyi (for your information) I still don't talk about my personal life on here." Newlywed actress Kerry Washington returns to her blog to thank fans for their outpouring of support following her secret marriage to American football star Nnamdi Asomugha last month (Jun13).

30th May 2013

Quote: "I used to be a substitute teacher for New York City schools. It was great and hard, and I even did it after I started working in films. But I had to stop after I did Save the Last Dance because the students were like, 'Chenille is substituting?'" DJANGO UNCHAINED star Kerry Washington on her brief career as a teacher.

29th May 2013

Quote: "I work with a woman who is a digital social media consultant because I was terrified to go on Twitter. She helped me to figure out how to engage - as an actor - to promote the work without promoting myself. It's scary. It's this whole other universe... It feels disgusting, so you want to feel like there's a purpose around it." Actress Kerry Washington on interacting with fans on

24th May 2013

Quote: "I'm forced to look at pictures of myself on very large posters and movie screens, so that motivates me to stay in shape! But to be really honest, I'm also motivated by research about health and longevity. I want to take good care of myself by eating well and doing Pilates. Life is too long to eat anything bad." Actress Kerry Washington avoids junk food at all costs.

9th May 2013

Quote: "She was one of the big girls that we all looked up to. If our dance teacher wasn't around, she would fill in and teach. She's always been warm and kind to me." Django Unchained star Kerry Washington on her childhood links to Jennifer Lopez. The two leading ladies attended the same youth club in New York.

3rd May 2013

Quote: "I feel like I barely survived Django (Unchained) emotionally - the violence, hearing the N-word every day. It cost me a lot psychologically, but it was worth it to tell that story." Actress Kerry Washington on filming Quentin Tarantino's slave western.

31st October 2012

Quote: "It's always awful. Tobey's lovely, but that stuff is always strange to do. I loved working with him in all of the scenes where we talked, but the other stuff? It's awkward." Kerry Washington hated sharing steamy scenes with Tobey Maguire in their latest movie The Details.

6th September 2012

Fact: Actresses Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Kerry Washington are all expected to address attendees at America's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday (06Sep12). Eva Longoria is also scheduled to step up to the podium shortly before U.S. President Barack Obama takes the stage to officially accept his party's nomination for presidency in the November (12) elections.

19th April 2012

Quote: "I quit acting at least twice a year. I love the craft but not the business end of it... I was a teacher, which I loved. I think I'd do that again if I ever gave up performing for good." Actress Kerry Washington is always weighing up her options.

2nd March 2012

Quote: "At the end of the day I could not feel my toes. I took off the fishnet stockings and my big toes looked like that ham in Italy with all the little diamonds on it." Kerry Washington suffered during a love scene with Eddie Murphy in new movie A Thousand Words because she had to wear platform stiletto shoes.

6th May 2010

Quote: "We pushed our schedule because Naomi was pregnant. So the scene when the baby kicks, that's really Naomi's baby. They stole that shot before we shot the rest of the movie. I love it. Every time I see it, it's just so magical that it's really her. That's not some prosthetic, remote-controlled kick. That's Naomi and her baby." Kerry Washington will never forget feeling Mother & Child co-star Naomi Watts' baby son kicking during the making of the film.

5th May 2010

Quote: "I had to channel my inner Martha Stewart because anybody who knows me knows I don't know anything about baking!" Actress Kerry Washington admits she fakes her culinary skills as a baker in new movie Mother and Child.

25th June 2009

Quote: "I specifically requested to keep the stripper heels that I wear in the movie." Actress Kerry Washington - who plays a transgender prostitute in upcoming film LIFE IS HOT IN CRACKTOWN - was delighted to be able to take home part of her character's costume.

16th March 2009

Fact: Actress Kerry Washington speaks seven languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Esperanto and Russian.

5th March 2008

Quote: "I have visited nine states on behalf of the Barack Obama campaign, so I feel obviously fired up about this candidate." Actress Kerry Washington is a devotee of U.S. presidential wannabe Barack Obama.

26th October 2007

Fact: RAY star Kerry Washington only agreed to play rapper Common's love interest in his new video I WANT YOU if she could co-direct the promo. The video features cameos from Kanye West, WILL.I.AM and tennis ace SERENA WILLIAMS.

18th March 2007

Quote: "At least I don't have Angelina Jolie's career - I know they're not with me just for the money." Newly-single RAY star Kerry Washington knows her romances are for real.

16th March 2007

Quote: "Forest Whitaker won an Oscar for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND and Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for RAY, and then the WAYANS BROTHERS won a Razzie (Award) for little man, so all of the men I work with win something. I can't guarantee that it's something good." Kerry Washington insists she's almost always an actor's lucky charm.

16th March 2007

Quote: "Forest Whitaker won an Oscar for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND and Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for RAY, and then the WAYANS BROTHERS won a Razzie (Award) for little man, so all of the men I work with win something. I can't guarantee that it's something good." Kerry Washington insists she's almost always an actor's lucky charm.

12th March 2007

Quote: "I wasn't gonna go but I had been leant this beautiful couture Jean Paul Gaultier dress and so I sort of ran from puking in the toilet to the party to pose and then ran back to the toilet." Actress Kerry Washington on her Oscar night food poisoning nightmare.

22nd November 2005

Fact: <p>RAY star Kerry Washington and actress Mia Maestro have become the latest movie stars to sign up for timepiece ads - they'll both appear in new print ads for Movado watches. The actresses join the likes of Charlize Theron, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Uma Thurman, Meg Ryan and Pierce Brosnan among those who are helping to sell watches. </p>

5th September 2005

Fact: <p>Kerry Washington, Pete Sampras and MIKHAIL BRYSHNIKOV are among a host of stars who have signed up to appear in advertisements for upscale watchmaker Movado. </p>

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