The Scandal star is a creative consultant for Neutrogena and as part of her new role she has become involved with the company's Choose Skin Health campaign, which aims to make fans think more about skin cancer, both in terms of prevention and realising that no matter your race you could be affected.

She tells, "People of colour are so vulnerable when we don't use SPF because sun damage leads to skin cancer. It's really important that we protect ourselves, and that we have the information and do annual skin screenings, because skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers. There's just no excuse for people to suffer the way they used to."

Washington admits she's a stickler for sun creams, adding, "I like to use a foundation that has SPF in it so it just happens. I like to use a moisturiser that has SPF in it year-round, because I think when we create situations where we have to do something different we're less likely to do it. I might change the product that I use depending on the time of year, but I'm never without SPF."