Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha are ''really weird'' about who they spend time with.

The 'Scandal' star and the former NFL player, 33, who got married in 2013 and have 12-month-old daughter Isabelle Amarachi together, are reportedly very selective when it comes to making friends, as they are eager to maintain their privacy.

A source close to the 38-year-old actress said: ''They're homebodies and really weird about who they let in their circle.''

The couple, who made a rare appearance together at the Met Gala 2015 in New York City on Monday night (04.05.15), prefer letting their hair down at home instead of going out.

The insider told ''Every now and then they'll go out to a movie at ArcLight, but they just hang out at their place.''

Kerry previously admitted she likes keeping her work and private life very separate.

She explained: ''I feel like for me, what I do for a living is I become other people. It's important to me to keep my private life private. Then, you can really believe that I'm these other people. You're not worried about my life, you're worried about Olivia Pope's life, and Olivia Pope's life is much more interesting than Kerry Washington's life.

''For me in my work, I give 150 percent, I do not hold back at all, but I feel like something has to be mine. With my family, we feel like we gotta keep each other for each other, and the work belongs to everybody.''