Few moments are more important in television than Emmy season. Like, how will we know which new shows are good, if the Academy doesn’t tell us? Alternatively, if your favorite show got snubbed this year, you’ll probably still be watching with your best ironic sneer, being all: “This got nominated over Orphan Black?” Hypothetically, of course.

So, whether your shows got nominated or not, here is the definitive guide to watching the Emmys this year. Works for beginners, as well as advanced TV maniacs.

Orange Is The New Black
We could have done with a couple more nods for Orange, tbh.

First, prepare your environment. You don’t have to be obsessive about it, like say, Kerry Washington’s character on Scandal (Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Guest Actor and Actress for Joe Morton and Kate Burton, respectively) but get all the clutter out of the way and prepare to enjoy even the parts that the Emmys will inevitably get wrong, such as:

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* No Comedy or Best Actress nod to The Mindy Project. Preposterous!

* No Comedy nomination for Community. What? How? This must be the darkest timeline.

* Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy Olsen on Mad Men, aka one of the baddest HBICs on TV at the moment, gets nothing - although in the HBIC category, two nods went to Orange is the New Black ladies Taylor Shilling and Kate Mulgrew, which is a step in the right direction maybe.

* Charles Dance isn't nominated for his final Thrones season. Oh well, at least Tywin Lannister won all the awards in our hearts, including World's Worst Fictional Dad and a nod for Best Death Scene on Game of Thrones. That last one's a tough call though, since the characters on Thrones keep dying in the most horrific ways.

Charles Dance
Tywin Lannister is judging you.

Next, put on your most comfortable fun time outfit – feel free to draw on Bryan Cranston’s infamous underwear ensemble for inspiration. If it’s good enough for the Best Actor nominee, it’s good enough for you, right? The full list of nominees is available over on Entertainment Weekly.

Settle in with a nice ball of pop corn/nachos/candy/etc. tune in and watch beautiful people act as walking advertisements for expensive clothes, jewellery and lifestyle, while you contemplate where your life is heading. Happy Emmys season, everyone!

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Bryan Cranston
Months after Breaking Bad ended, Bryan Cranston is still in line for ALL THE AWARDS.