Kerry Katona is ''worried'' she'll give George Kay a second chance.

The 34-year-old star is reportedly scared that her estranged husband - who she threw out of their marital home earlier this month - will come back to the house to try and persuade her to get back with him, and has begged friends to stop her from taking him back.

A source said: ''She's worried he might come back to the house and try to convince her to give him a second chance. It's the last thing she wants and she's told us, 'Don't let me take him back.'

''She really wishes she could get away but hasn't got anywhere to go and has to keep strong for the kids. She doesn't want to see him. She says he'll have to go back to his parents.''

The source added that the Atomic Kitten singer threw George out because she didn't want her children - Molly, 13 and Lilly Sue, 12, from Kerry's marriage to Brian McFadden, Heidi, eight, and Max, seven, from her marriage to Mark Croft and 15-month-old Dylan-Jorge, who she parents with George - to witness the couple's rows.

Speaking to Britain's new! magazine, Kerry's friend said: ''Kerry has decided enough is enough. She had to kick him out for the sake of her own heath and sanity and her career too. She didn't want her kids to see rows or meltdowns and she said it was just too much. It's sad but she's done the right thing.''