Kerry Katona's son Max will be ''devastated'' when he realises he's having another sister.

The reality star thought she was expecting a baby boy with her fiancé George Kay and was stunned to discover the doctors had made a mistake and she is actually carrying a girl.

The mother-of-four - who has daughters Molly, 12, and Lilly Sue, 10, with her first husband Brian McFadden, and Heidi, six, and five-year-old son Max with her second spouse Mark Croft - is yet to tell her children about the mistake and is worried Max will be crushed when he discovers he isn't getting a younger brother.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''I haven't told them yet. Max will be absolutely devastated, he's the one I dread telling the most. He's got a house full of women already. Heidi will be happy, though.''

However, George believes it will do Max good to be surrounded by so many women and joked that his stepson-to-be is bound to become a ''playboy'' when he grows up.

George said: ''Poor Max, he had his heart set on having a little brother. I was hoping for a boy because it would be good for him to have some responsibility as an older brother, but now he'll know how to talk to women, he already loves women and is constantly surrounded by them. He'll be a right playboy when he's older.''