Doctors are to rebuild Kerry Katona's nose using a piece of rib bone following years of damage from cocaine abuse.

The Atomic Kitten star, 43, spent years battling drug addiction and it left her nasal passages crumbling so she's booked in for a surgery which will reconstruct her nose using tissue from other areas of her body.

In her column for new! magazine, she explained: "I'm waiting for a date ... for the reconstructive surgery I need for my nose, due to past cocaine abuse. They're going to use a piece of bone from my rib to repair it. Hopefully, that will be any day now."

Kerry went on to reveal the damage to her nose has left her with a constant sniffle which she's hoping the operation will fix. She added: "The only thing is I’m always sniffing – my kids say they can hear me in a shop before they see me!"

The former pop star - who is now sober after kicking her drug addiction - added that she does't regret her past but she does worry about the "shame" her antics brought on her five children.

She told the magazine: "My past will always come up, but I wouldn’t change it, as it shaped the person I am today. It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get back up ... I’m not ashamed of my past, but I do regret the shame it’s brought on my kids."

Kerry's planned nose operation comes shortly after she went under the knife for eyelift surgery last month. She had the excess skin removed from above her eyes and was delighted with the results.

She wrote in her column: "I’m feeling amazing after my eyelift surgery ... it looks fantastic. I’m so glad I did it and can’t believe how much of an easy experience it has been. I’ve had other surgeries and had a tough time recovering but this is great.

"It’s definitely going to be worth it – I can’t wait until I’m fully recovered. I scratched my eye after the surgery, which is frustrating because it wouldn’t have been painful if I hadn’t done that, but it is what it is."