Kerry Katona "took another line of cocaine" right after suffering an overdose.

The 43-year-old star - who has been sober for 15 years - has spoken candidly about her past struggles with addiction, and recently underwent surgery on her nose to repair damage caused by drug abuse.

Reflecting on the extent of her issues in an interview with ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', she said: "I actually OD'd at one point and got back up and took another line of cocaine straight away."

She described the drug as her "best friend", and explained despite not taking it "every day", she wouldn't be able to "stop".

She added: "I think cocaine became my crutch, it was my best friend, it gave the support I needed, when I needed it.

"I didn't do it everyday, I was more of a binger - once I started I couldn't stop.

"And then I could go months without it. It just became my best friend because everyone was using me really."

She claimed her mother was the first person to give her drugs when she was a teenager, before rising to fame in Atomic Kitten.

She said: "I started drugs when I was 14, before I was famous. My first drug I took was with my mum.

"I adore my mum and I love my mum, but we've had our ups and downs and my mum wasn't really a mum.

"She told me it was sherbet and it was speed and I thought that was normal!"

Despite their issues in the past, Kerry has insisted she "can't sit with regret and hatred" over what they've been through.

She explained: "I have to accept people who there are. My mum is drug free.

"But for a very long time I lived in a pity party, saying 'poor me, the world owes me, it's everyone's fault but mine'.

"But I have to hold my hands up and take responsibility, let it go otherwise it's like being in a rocking chair going back and forth."