Kerry Katona is moving into her "forever home" to "downsize" now her kids are starting to move out.

The former Atomic Kitten star is mum to five children, but her eldest daughter Molly, 22, is now living in Dublin where she's studying drama and Lilly, 21, recently moved in with her grandparents in Ireland leaving just Heidi, 17, Max, 16, and DJ, 10, living at home so Kerry and her fiance Ryan Mahoney have decided to move into a smaller house.

In her column for OK! magazine, Kerry explained: "By the time this column is out, we will have the keys to our new home – not that we’re prepared at all! But we do have movers coming this week and we won’t move out of our house straight away, so there isn’t any rush.

"I’m really sad to be leaving this house and downsizing but I know it’s for the best – especially for the future and buying my forever home."

Kerry added she expects her daughter Heidi to move out soon after she finishes school because she's planning to attend a performing arts college in Liverpool, so they just don't need as much space any more.

She wrote: "Now that Lilly has gone to Ireland it’s just DJ, Max and Heidi in the house so we don’t need much room any more, especially as Heidi will be leaving once she finishes school.

"Although I have to say, Lilly has been in Ireland for one week and hasn’t stopped calling so she might want to come back home sooner than we think!"

Lilly - who dad is former Westlife star Brian McFadden - previously opened up about growing up in the spotlight, admitting the family moved around a lot but she had a happy childhod.

She told "We were so blessed because we had amazing experiences ... Growing up with a big family was so beautiful, we moved a lot and had a very different life and people tried to hate us but when you have a family like ours it's just such a strong and loving system."