Keri Russell is pleased that she met Matthew Rhys later in life.

The 48-year-old actress was initially married to Shane Deary from 2007 until 2014 and has River, 17, and 11-year-old Willa with him but met Matthew, 49, on the set of 'The Americans' and loves being able to see their story unfold on-screen in the spy drama series.

Speaking on the 'Dinner's on Me' podcast, she told host Jesse Tyler Ferguson: "I'm really able to enjoy it, you know? And it was such a lark that we got to do that together in that kind of... at that prime of our lives. And, you know, had we met when we were 20, we wouldn't be together.

"I always say 'Look how young we f****** look!'

"It was so kind of sexy and spy. And that world was just so languid!

"And it's obviously fun, as you know, to be a part of something that's such a success and so beloved."

The 'Waitress' star - who also has eight-year-old son Sam with Matthew - noted, though, that she and her husband differ sometimes in their approach to work even though they are in the same field.

She said: "Matthew is a different type of actor. He loves to work. You know, I say, 'What are you doing this week?' And he goes, 'Oh, I'm gonna go do these play readings,' whatever. I'm like, 'Well, do you wanna do that play?' And he goes, 'No!'

"He just loves the work of it. He not as precious about every single job.

"I wanna do jobs that I think are really good. That really speak to me, and that I feel like I could do something with. And the truth is, I don't think I'd be good in everything."