Saxophonist Kenny G visited a pro-democracy protest site in Hong Kong on Wednesday (22Oct14).

Hong Kong students and the Occupy Central pro-democracy movement started protesting outside the government headquarters on 22 September (14) to rally against law changes in election policies.

Kenny G visited the main camp on Wednesday and posted a photo of himself on with the caption, "In Hong Kong at the sight of the demonstration. I wish everyone a peaceful and positive conclusion to this situation."

However, Chinese officials are not happy with his appearance at the site. China's foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying says, "Kenny G's musical works are widely popular in China, but China's position on the illegal Occupy Central activities in Hong Kong is very clear. We hope that foreign governments and individuals speak and act cautiously and not support the Occupy Central and other illegal activities in any form."

The musician has performed in China four times in the past month.