Kenny G is glad he agreed to guest star in Katy Perry's latest music video because the cameo appearance has introduced him to a new generation of fans.
The music veteran was among the star-studded line-up in Perry's promo for Last Friday Night alongside 1980s icons Deborah Gibson and Corey Feldman, and the promo became an internet sensation upon its release.
Kenny G reveals he has now found fame among younger music fans who recognise him from the video.
He tells the Boston Herald, "That was the big one. So many young people have come up to me and said they saw me in the video. It's really, really cool because I wasn't on the teenager radar (before)... Everyone needs to reinvent themselves today.
"We can't catch the attention of the public being who we are anymore... Everything is too available with the internet. If you want to see an artist, you should have to go to the concert or buy a CD. Now you can just YouTube them."
The musician admits he is open to more musical collaborations, and is hoping to record a song with R&B star Ne-Yo following a recent meeting.
He adds, "It can't be too offensive or ridiculous, but if it seems in my ballpark, I'll give it a try. If Metallica calls me and asks for me to play with them at Yankee Stadium, am I really going to play something that works with Metallica? Well, I could probably figure out something, and, hey, it's a sold-out Yankee Stadium, of course I'm going to do it.
"If a local death metal band wants me to play at the local club, it's probably not worth it... I just ran into Ne-Yo in a hotel lobby and he told me was a really big fan. Maybe I'll just call him up and ask if we can come up with a song that works for both of us. My new motto is 'Why not?'"