Country singer Kenny Chesney is calling on help from across the globe to restore Nashville, Tennessee, after floods wrecked the region.
The singer/songwriter has already begged his followers on to contribute cash to the Middle Tennessee Red Cross.
But since returning to his hometown on Wednesday (05May10) for the first time since the devastating floods, Chesney has been stunned by the extent of the damage - and has issued video footage to CNN to highlight the disaster.
He tells the news channel, "We need the world's help right now and it's just a really sad thing to see, especially people that you know and people that you love. I do feel the people in this town are a really tight community. It's just sad to see it happen.
"Just give whatever you can, you know - people have lost everything. We all saw what happened in Haiti and we've all saw (sic) what happened across the world. I mean, these people just need bare essentials here in Nashville. It's crazy to think that but they really do...
"Yeah, you can give money to the American Red Cross and all that kind of stuff, but these people need toothbrushes, they need toothpaste. It's not only touched music, it's touched tourism, the sports industry, I mean so many things that it's affected."