There are so many articles online about writing resumes and cover letters to bag that interview you really want, but we're willing to bet none of you thought of using Kendrick Lamar as inspiration. A young man in New York did, however, launching a unique digital resume in a bid to land a coveted internship.

Kendrick Lamar at the MTV VMAsKendrick Lamar at the MTV VMAs

Dawayne Kirkland, a recent graduate from Cazenovia College, wanted nothing more than to land an internship at VaynerMedia when the opportunity arose. Thus, he decided to think outside the box when it came to submitting his resume. He used Kendrick Lamar's hit 'DNA' with his own lyrics in a one-minute video to grab the agency's attention.

'I got, I got, I got, I got internship on internship inside my resume / In that visual communications I got BFA', he raps. 'Every time I get behind computer I make a soufflé / I can fix your homie website, I can even illustrate.'

He even goes on to explain that he's up for relocating for the job, revealing: 'Still live at my mama house but I'm cool with moving out / to the Big Apple working for you.'

As for the visual aspect of the video, he animates a photo of himself on the cover of Kendrick's album 'DAMN'. It's already got over a million views since it was uploaded on Monday (September 25th 2017), and while it's not clear whether or not he got the job in the end, we're sure he'll receive a lot of attention now that he's got his talent out there.

In the video info, it's revealed that the production was done by Wocki Beats, and that the video was in response to Gary Vee's appeal for artists entitled 'Are You A Creator?'. Plus, there are links to his portfolio and actual resume which proves just how much experience he's managed to gain in the last few years.

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We're yet to hear Kendrick's response to this unforgettable tribute.