Kendra Wilkinson has been left ''scarred'' by her husband's lies.

The former Playboy bunny has revealed allegations of cheating levied against her husband Hank Basket and his refusal to tell her about them before they were printed in the press have left her permanently damaged.

Speaking on tonight's (17.07.15) episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars', she says: ''I'm scarred now! I'm scarred, too. I'm f**ked too.''

The 30-year-old beauty questions Hank - with whom she has children Hank Baskett IV and Alijah Mary - on why he chose to keep the claims from her.

She says: ''So did you think that this was all just gonna not come out? How come you waited for the press to tell me? How come you didn't tell me? You knew!''

As Hank confesses that he ''messed up'' Kendra continues with her tirade of fury.

She adds: ''Why couldn't you man up? You knew the press was gonna know.''

Hank replies: ''I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family.''