Kendra Wilkinson took her family to visit the Playboy mansion.

The former Playboy model was joined by husband Hank Baskett, 16-month-old daughter Alijah and Hank Jr., five, as she visited ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal Harris.

Sharing a photo of the group on Instagram, she captioned it: ''We went up to the mansion tonight to visit Hef and Crystal. Was an amazing night catching up with everyone. #oldstompinggrounds #family (sic)''

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old beauty recently admitted she heavily relies on the 89-year-old magazine publisher's advice.

Speaking of her recent marriage trouble, she shared: ''When all this hits the fan ... unreal. Whatever else has happened, Hank is a good guy. He obviously f***ed up. That's human.

''If there's going to be a person I listen to in this madness, it's going to be Hef. Hef knows how to live this life honest, pure, truthful, happy, and I was really interested in what Hef had to say about all this.

''When he said, 'Oh, you know, we're humans, we all make mistakes, we all f**k up' - Hef saying that to me? It was like an epiphany just hit me. Hef saying, 'Hank could have been set up', I'm like, 'God,' you know? These words coming from Hef were so much more powerful than anyone else could have ever said.''