Kendra Wilkinson doesn't regret airing her marital problems on reality TV.

The 30-year-old star was devastated when husband Hank Baskett was accused of cheating on her with a transsexual model while she was pregnant with their second child last year, but she is glad they underwent two weeks of intense therapy on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars' because it helped save their relationship.

The former Playboy model said: ''I didn't care if the world was watching, as long as we got the help we needed.''

Despite finding the series uncomfortable to watch back, the blonde beauty believes without the show she and Hank, 32, may not have got their marriage back on track.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''I learned forgiveness doesn't mean giving the other person power. It's about unity.''

Kendra - who has son Hank IV, five, and 12-month-old daughter Alijah with her husband - recently insisted her relationship with Hank is better than ever.

She said: ''Our marriage is amazing right now. We are working on it every single day. It's a lot of work, 24/7, but we're both willing to put that time in and really stick it through. We're both in it for the long run, and we both have goals, and they're both the same.''