Kendra Wilkinson ''hates'' her Playboy image.

The 29-year-old beauty - who shot to fame as one of the girlfriends of the adult publication's founder, Hugh Hefner - admits she deliberately dresses down because she is doing her best to sever her association with the raunchy magazine.

She said: ''I've had a struggle with the Playboy image and hate only being known for that.

''Sure, it was a big thing, but I'm different now and this is my time to show it.

''I have a problem dressing up because I don't want people to think, 'There's that Playboy girl in that hot dress'. That's why I'm always photographed in jogging bottoms. I always feel I'm trying to run away from that image.''

Kendra - who has son Hank, five, and daughter Alijah, nine months, with husband Hank Baskett - may have lived with her fellow models in the Playboy mansion but she never felt comfortable with her image.

She said: ''It was never me. I just lived in the mansion. I loved Hef and I dated him, but I'm not that type. I'm more than just that.

''I love Playboy but now it's time people see me as a real mom and wife who lives in celebrity la-la land but deals with all the drama.''

Kendra isn't afraid of getting older and has vowed never to have cosmetic surgery on her face.

She added to heat magazine: ''I recently decided I'll never touch my face. I want to age naturally.

''I'm interested in knowing myself in the next few years.''