Kendall Jenner shaves her legs in the car.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' beauty is currently in the midst of New York Fashion Week but appears to be so rushed off her feet that she doesn't even have time for the simple tasks.

Sharing a video of herself shaving her legs in a car using bottled water and a disposable razor, she wrote on Instagram: ''So much fashion, not enough week #YouGottaDoWhatYouGottaDo (sic)''

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old model recently admitted she rarely gets any time for a break but insists she needs to try and make time or she wouldn't be a very ''happy person''.

She said: ''I live on a plane. I haven't worked out in a month because I've been so busy. I'm really trying to balance work, family and friends. The other day I was supposed to have a fitting, and I moved it back an hour so I could take a nap. If I worked too much, I would not be a happy person.''

And Kendall also admitted she has become a perfectionist since entering the modelling industry.

She added: ''I used to be like, 'Do whatever you want, I don't care.' But recently I've gotten into it. I'm a perfectionist. If someone is doing my eyeliner, it has to be exactly the same on both sides, super-straight. If there's a tiny bump, it has to be fixed. Our family make-up artists are scared of me sometimes! I can't do it myself. That's why I don't wear make-up on an everyday basis, just mascara.''