Kendall Jenner wants her tequila brand to support the Jalisco community.

The 25-year-old model was accused of culturally appropriating Mexican culture earlier this year, when she starred in a controversial advertising campaign for 818 Tequila, but Kendall has now revealed how she and her brand are supporting the community where the drink is made.

The brunette beauty - who was previously accused of spreading misconceptions about Mexican culture - said on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon': "At our distillery, which I was just at the other day, we found a way to take the agave fibres and water waste and build sustainable brick that were are actually dominating back to the community of Jalisco.

"Along with saving the planet it's important for us to be friendly to the community as well. We're donating them and building homes for people that need homes."

Andy Coronado, who co-owns La Gritona Tequila with businesswoman Melly Barajas Cardenas, previously bemoaned celebrities like Kendall entering the drinks industry.

He warned that celebrity tequila companies "pull away resources from smaller brands".

Andy ​said: "It is a commodity, and it boosts the prices. It leaves the rest of the tequila world to trying to … survive."

Meanwhile, Melly thinks the drinks industry is becoming more globalised.

She said: "If you say tequila, you immediately think about Mexico.

"I would love for it to be known all over the world by whoever because although an American creates their own brand and whether you like it or not, Mexico also sees that money because there’s no other country."