Kendall Jenner has launched a new stain-removal toothpaste.

The 24-year-old supermodel has collaborated with MOON and designer Heron Preston on a limited edition orange stain-removal toothpaste, with just 350 units available on global luxury resale marketplace StockX.

Kendall posted about the new product on her Instagram Stories and wrote: "excited about his collab! @heronpreston x @moon #moon_partner."

Fashion designer Heron Preston said "Working with MOON, felt totally new and unique to what I have worked on in the past. I really wanted to push the opportunity and keep it fun by presenting a toothpaste in my signature orange hue. My mom works in dentistry and always emphasised the importance of oral care when I was growing up. To this day, taking care of my teeth is a top priority and I think my mom is going to be psyched when she finds out that I have my own orange toothpaste now! I'm excited to partner with Kendall, MOON and StockX for this special drop and can't wait to see everyone's orange smiles!"

Tom Woodger, StockX VP of Cultural Marketing, said: "StockX is not only the go-to destination for highly coveted items with cultural value but the lens through which current culture products come to life. This DropX release marks our first foray into the personal care and beauty space and we're excited to be able to support creatives like Heron Preston and the forces behind MOON -- Shaun Neff and Kendall Jenner. Affording brands like MOON the opportunity to release products directly to the StockX community is yet another example of how we continue to blur the lines between retail and resale.”

Pricing for the product will start at £11.50 and will be available until 1am BST on November 3, or until it sells out. For more information, go to