It’s been one heck of a fashion month for Kim Kardashian’s little sister Kendall Jenner. Breaking free of her famous clan the 18 year old has become the toast of the fashion world and it only took her 30 days. Here’s Kendall Jenner’s big, mad fashion month.

Kendall Jenner at LFWKendall Jenner at LFW

It all started in the beginning of February when we were forced to stop thinking of Kendall as Kim’s sweet little sister as W Magazine featured her in its ‘pillow tweets’ photoshoot. Kendall was pictured as we’d never seen her before in the sexy black and white photoshoot which featured her between the sheets in a leather jacket, Kendall found herself in very good company, as other models featured were Cindy Cawford, Miranda Kerr and Lara Stone. Then came Kendall’s runway debut and what a show to start out on, making her way straight to the top she walked in Marc Jacob’s show. Her outfit for the appearance, however, caused a little bit of a social media storm, as young Kendall wore a sheer mesh top. Still the now model was hardly recognisable in a short wig and with bleached eyebrows.

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Next she got the Vogue seal of approval when her selfie style snaps appeared on the magazine’s Instagram feed. Kendall worked with photographer Jeff Henrikson to show off her straight-off-the-catwalk looks in the pictures. Proving it wasn’t just the American fashion world embracing Kendall, she hopped over the Atlantic to appear sitting front row at Topshop’s London fashion week show. Sitting next to Anna Wintour in a line which included Kate Moss and Topshop owner Philip Green, Kendall looked as if she was easily succeeding where big sister Kim had stumbled in the high fashion world. Next she hit the runway again, this time at Giles’s London show alongside catwalk queen Cara Delevingne. She continued her LFW experience by partying alongside Cara at Love Magazine’s event Love editor Katie Grand is a big champion of Kendall and even got her the spot in the Giles show.

Kim KardashianBig sister Kim Kardashian now has serious competition

Once London was over, Kendall followed the fashion pack to Paris, first making an appearance at the Givenchy show. There, she had future big brother in law Kanye West to show his support as she worked the runway in a snake print bodice and floor length black skirt. Once again Kendall showed her versatility with the look, proving that the move into modelling was something she was taking very seriously. Kendall finished off her high fashion month in the best way possible. Taking a place in Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel supermarket show. Once again she got to strut alongside Cara Delevingne, showing the model that she really does have some serious competition as the darling of the catwalks.

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Kendall Jenner at LFWKendall Jenner getting ready backstage at Gile's LFW show

Its hard to predict what’s next for Kendall, after that whirlwind fashion month anything can happen. What you can bet on is more runway appearances this year and probably some high end magazine shoots. Kim may be the most famous of her sisters for now, but young Kendall is beginning to look like a really serious rival for her sisters crown. She may have got her start on reality TV, but it seems Kendall is only moving up in the world and joining the cool young fashion pack is a really good way to make her mark apart from her famous family.

Watch Kendall Jenner making her catwalk debut in New York: