David Cameron 's proclamation that more money should be spent on Uk-made films to gain more commercial success has been controversial to say the least. The British Prime Minister has made the comments in light of a review by the country's arts minister Ed Vaizey in which he suggested said that the British Film Industry is "still not as profitable as it should be for British film-makers," reports the UK's Guardian newspaper.
It's thought that more money will be put into independent films and film makers who have mainstream potential than unproven movie makers; the move comes off the back of British independent film 'The King's Speech' which was released last year and took home four Oscars. British films meanwhile spent 20 weeks at the top of the box office charts between January and October of 2011, making the industry worth an estimated $4.2 billion.
However director Ken Loach has slammed Cameron's words in an interview with Bbc Breakfast, saying that it was impossible to predict what was going to be a hit. "This is a travesty. If everybody knew what would be successful before it was made, there would be no problem, what you have to do is fund a lot of different, varied projects and then some will be successful, some will be original, some will be creative, and you will get a very vibrant industry."