THE HANGOVER star Ken Jeong can still practice medicine in California after renewing his licence this summer (10) - despite finding fame in Hollywood.
The quirky Asian star, famous for stripping off in the hit film and coining the phrase 'Toodle-oo, motherf**kers', was a qualified doctor when he kickstarted his comedy career in 2005 and reveals he recently re-applied for his medical certification.
He says, "I just renewed my licence in June. I'm still technically a medical doctor. You never know.
"I worked at Kaiser Permanente (hospital) in Woodland Hills (in California) for about seven years."
And he reveals his strangest case was a sex-related one.
He explains, "I was on call and I saw this elderly couple in the emergency room... This man just had amnesia; he did not know where he was and was just gradually coming out of it.
"His wife, this really adorable woman, was just like fidgeting the whole time and we didn't know what was the cause of that amnesia... (there was) no stroke, no seizures... I was like, 'Why are you so nervous?' to the old lady, and she was like, 'Well, we just had sex.'
"It turned out he had this condition transient global amnesia, which is a very real phenomenon that you can have from over-stimulation... So, medically speaking, she f**ked his brains out."