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27th January 2017

Quote: "Sex gets so much better at 30, so why wouldn't I want to talk about it?" Kelly Rowland reveals her next album will be more than a little racy.

11th December 2016

Quote: "They are extremely close. It’s the sweetest thing. It’s the greatest thing about friendship, when you’re able to grow up together and your children grow up together. They act like cousins.” Singer Kelly Rowland reveals her two-year-old son Titan loves spending time with four-year-old Blue Ivy, the daughter of her best pal Beyonce.

6th November 2015

Quote: "HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY MY MIGHTY TITAN, LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER WITH YOU IN IT! I LOVE YOU BEYOND WORDS MY SON!! LOVE, Mommy." Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland celebrated her son's first birthday on Friday (06Nov15) by posting photos of the tot on Instagram and adding heartfelt greetings.

30th October 2015

Quote: "Three weeks ago he started walking out of nowhere. He walks like a mummy...! It's awesome." Singer Kelly Rowland celebrates a milestone with her son Titan as he approaches his first birthday next week (04Nov15).

1st May 2015

Quote: "I feel very sexy being a mom. It's not even about my husband or anybody else. Even when I'm by myself, I just feel like a rock star! I'm like, 'Girl, you pushed a baby out!' I just feel like the queen of everything." Singer Kelly Rowland likes being a mum to baby son Titan Jewell.

31st March 2015

Quote: "Sometimes you just know when to show up... It's so easy to just pick up the phone and say, 'Ya'll want to do it? Yes? Cool!' Friendship is the foundation of everything we do - no drama. People are looking for drama but we have none to give you. It's literally friendship and sisterhood and respect." R&B star Michelle Williams admits it's easy to get her former Destiny's Child bandmates to agree to a mini-reunion since they're still very close friends. The trio came together for its first live performance since Beyonce's 2013 Super Bowl halftime show to sing a rendition of Williams' song Say Yes at the Stellar Awards 2015 in Las Vegas on Saturday (28Mar15).

27th March 2015

Quote: "SoulCycle is the secret... (and) The 80/20 rule is all the way real - 80 per cent of the time you eat those foods giving you nourishment. You're eating clean. And 20 per cent of the time, have guacamole, a ton of it like I do, and a margarita and maybe queso too!" R&B star Kelly Rowland turned to exercise and a healthy eating regime to slim down after the birth of her son, Titan Jewell, in November (14).

27th March 2015

Quote: "The last reunion happened the other day when we all sat down and were just talking and enjoying each other’s company. It was awesome. Not every time you see Destiny’s Child together may be in front of the camera; we still have our bond amongst each other, that’s the most beautiful gift Destiny’s Child has given me." New mum Kelly Rowland reveals she and her former bandmates, Beyonce and Michelle Williams, often meet up in secret.

25th March 2015

Quote: "I'm a little bit of a psycho when it comes to being a mum. When he was first born, I remember not wanting anybody to touch him. I was one of those irritating mums. To the point to where if somebody touched them, I would probably slap their hand." R&B star Kelly Rowland is very protective of her four-month-old son, Titan.

23rd March 2015

Fact: R&B star Kelly Rowland played to a half-full crowd on Friday (20Mar15) after plans to stage a special show for New York City sanitation workers took a hit as officials braced for another snowstorm. The former Destiny's Child star teamed up with bosses at allergy medication firm Claritin to put on the mini gig for 100 city employees at Houston Hall to usher in the first day of spring, but only around 50 were able to attend as others were called to work to prepare the streets for the blizzard, reports the New York Post.

18th March 2015

Quote: "It's moments where I'm changing Titan and he's just kinda looking over my head and he just busts out in giggles, and I'm like, 'Hey mom'. I just feel like she's always somewhere near... She prepared me for this time." Singer Kelly Rowland never feels too far away from her late mum, who died weeks after she became a first-time mum last year (14).

2nd January 2015

Tweet: "'2014' ... What an amazing year. While I said I Do, the following months brought along a Hello to a new little life! ... Unfortunately, a Goodbye as well, but Hello again to a Guardian angel." New mother Kelly Rowland bids farewell to a year of ups and downs. The former Destiny's Child star wed manager Tim Weatherspoon in May (14) and gave birth to their first child, son Titan, in November (14), but suffered the loss of her mother, Doris, in early December (14).

6th November 2014

Tweet: "There's no better feeling than holding my beautiful nephew. I thank god for the honor of witnessing my sisters (sic) journey into motherhood. I've always dreamt of our little ones growing up together. I'm so thankful for our bond. Baby Ty, I love you so much. Congrats to my Spoons." Beyonce gushes about meeting her best friend and former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland's baby son Titan, who was born on Tuesday (04Nov14). The tot is Rowland's first with husband Tim Weatherspoon.

4th August 2014

Fact: Jessica Alba, Lea Michele, Stevie Wonder, Zachary Quinto, Ellen Pompeo and pregnant Kelly Rowland were among the stars in the audience for the second night of Jay Z and Beyonce's On The Run tour stop at Los Angeles' Rose Bowl on Sunday (03Aug14). The hip-hop supercouple also delighted fans at the same venue on Saturday (02Aug14).

31st July 2014

Quote: "He's just super supportive. He's like, 'Have you eaten today? Did you take your vitamins? Did you drink enough water?' He's so hands on and I'm just so blessed. I just love him, he's like the greatest guy ever. He's so awesome I just can't believe how blessed I am... and he is too! He's an amazing man." Pregnant Kelly Rowland gushes about her husband Tim Witherspoon as they prepare for the birth of their first child. The couple wed in May (14).

4th July 2014

Fact: Singer Kelly Rowland is giving her fans a chance to appear in her alternative new video for The Game. The pregnant former Destiny's Child star is releasing an official fan video, in which devotees can upload videos of themselves performing along with the song. The entries must be submitted by 15 July (14). Rowland recently teamed up with filmmaker Spike Lee to shoot an official short film for the tune.

24th June 2014

Quote: "We have matching ones on our ring fingers. They symbolise our love for each other." Singer Kelly Rowland and her husband, manager Tim Witherspoon, have sealed their love with small, matching line tattoos on their ring fingers - similar to those the pregnant star's former Destiny's Child bandmate Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay Z share.

20th June 2014

Fact: Kelly Rowland has debuted her baby bump on Instagram - the former Destiny's Child star posted a shot of herself, and her unborn baby, meditating on Thursday (19Jun14).

3rd June 2014

Quote: "I believe in soulmates... I have soulmates through Beyonce and Michelle... I'm so thankful for that too, because I think they understand you. If there's something on my heart or my mind, before I can even pick up the phone, one of them is calling me saying, 'What are you doing? Are you Ok?'. We're connected and I think that's such a beautiful thing. It's the greatest gift you can have." R&B star Kelly Rowland counts her former Destiny's Child bandmates Beyonce and Michelle Williams among her closest pals. She also named Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles, cousin Angie Beyince and Tv personality LaLa Anthony as her other soulmates.

2nd April 2014

Quote: "I like moles. I think they’re the cutest thing. It’s all Marilyn Monroe’s fault. I remember one day seeing the black Duo glue that I put my lashes on with. I let it dry (on my face) and it was raised and everything. It was the cutest stinking mole, and I was sold. I never walk out of the house without a mole. It can be anywhere on my face - it’s the forever moving mole." Singer Kelly Rowland is a big fan of beauty marks.

2nd April 2014

Quote: "I am not really into doing a whole bunch of wedding planning and neither is he. We just believe in love, we believe in our love, I don’t think that it’s nothing that we want to just go crazy about. I cannot believe I am not this girl. I used to be!" Singer Kelly Rowland on her upcoming nuptials. The former Destiny's Child star is engaged to wed her manager Tim Witherspoon.

14th February 2014

Fact: Beyonce turned out to help her former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland celebrate her 33rd birthday at a party this week (beg10Feb14). The Crazy in Love singer published pictures from the gold-themed fondue party on her Tumblr page. Rowland turned 33 on Tuesday (11Feb14). Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles also attended.

12th February 2014

Fact: R&B star Kelly Rowland celebrated her 33rd birthday on Tuesday (11Feb14) by leading a zumba flashmob on the streets of New York City. The former Destiny's Child singer, who has her own workout Dvd with her trainer Jeanette Jenkins, braved the cold to show off her step exercises in Manhattan's Foley Square.

2nd January 2014

Fact: Beyonce rang in the new year with her Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the Versace Mansion in Miami, Florida. The stars were among the celebrity guests at SEAN '' COMBS' New Year's Eve (31Dec13) bash, where Beyonce's husband Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, director Spike Lee, producer The-Dream and models Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn all partied the night away.

19th December 2013

Quote: "I am Captain Christmas. I need to do the ornaments. I need to decorate the trees. I need to bake something. I need to smell something baking. I need to eat. I need to be with family. I need to wrap a present. I am Captain Christmas." Singer Kelly Rowland admits she goes all out for her favourite holiday.

12th December 2013

Quote: "This is really, really wack of me to say, but I am very picky about ice... There is a certain Coffee Bean (cafe) in Los Angeles on Beverly (Boulevard) that has the best (crushed) ice... I had an ice machine in every room." Singer Kelly Rowland is obsessed by the size and shape of her iced drinks.

12th December 2013

Quote: "I'm very happy and I believe in black love, man." Kelly Rowland on her romance with "best friend" Tim Witherspoon, who is rumoured to be her fiance.

22nd June 2013

Quote: "She's a slob. If you walk in (to her house) - maybe she's gotten better since becoming a mother - but she's got a lot on her brain. You can tell she's got a lot going on." Kelly Rowland names her former Destiny's Child bandmate Beyonce Knowles' worst quality.

13th June 2013

Quote: "I'm not a dream crusher... You have to be honest. If you're thinking you can sing and your momma said, 'Baby, maybe you shouldn't do this,' and you come up there anyway, momma knows best." Kelly Rowland insists she'll be fair but firm as a judge on The X Factor. The former Destiny's Child star will join Simon Cowell and Paulina Rubio on the new season of the Tv talent show.

30th May 2013

Quote: "It was endearing. She heard how real I was and she was just like, 'I'm so proud of you'." Kelly Rowland on pal Beyonce's reaction to her new track Dirty Laundry, which chronicles the singer's feelings of jealousy towards her former Destiny's Child bandmate as her solo career took off, while she was battling personal problems at home with an abusive lover.

11th April 2013

Fact: Kelly Rowland, Rita Ora and Martha Wainwright were the star performers at the fourth annual Elle Women in Music concert in New York City on Wednesday (10Apr13). Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Barbra Streisand were among the guests at the event, which was held at The Edison Ballroom in Manhattan.

5th March 2013

Quote: "I really don't give a s**t... My mom would say, 'The truth shall set you free,' so no matter what truth that is, I think it's important to be honest about it." Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland doesn't care about upsetting her exes in the frank lyrics of songs on her racy new album Talk a Good Game.

1st March 2013

Fact: Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland has recorded a revamp of Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell's hit Ain’t No Mountain High Enough with Michael Bolton for his new soul covers album A Tribute to Hitsville.

11th February 2013

Quote: "When I looked on the other side of the stage... and I saw Beyonce and Michelle, my heart just went into my throat; I was so happy. It was such a beautiful moment." Kelly Rowland was thrilled to reunite with her Destiny's Child bandmates at the Super Bowl on 3 February (13).

15th September 2012

Fact: Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland has landed a lead role in a new TV comedy. The Survivor singer, who became a big name on British TV last year (11) as a judge on The X Factor, has signed on to play an Internet dating expert on new U.S. sitcom What Would Dylan Do?

16th June 2012

Tweet: "I'm so excited to join the U.K. X Factor family. It's where I got my start, so it feels great to come full circle. I can't wait to see what talent the U.K. has to offer and to help inspire and bring out the best in these artists." Nicole Scherzinger confirms reports she will replace fellow singer Kelly Rowland as a judge on the British version of the TV talent show.

14th February 2012

Quote: "The media should calm down and allow this to be a moment for Bobbi Kristina to just have for herself... Leave her alone... She's lost her mother... respect that." R&B star Kelly Rowland urges the press to leave tragic Whitney Houston's teenage daughter alone as she mourns the death of her mother.

9th February 2012

Quote: "I got a good man. Girl, am I happy!" Sexy R&B star Kelly Rowland is enjoying the love of a mystery new boyfriend.

8th February 2012

Quote: "It's important for you in that moment that you sit in that seat that they hire you and pay you good money... to have an opinion... I don't know where she went wrong. I wasn't here (in America) to see anything but I had a good job when I did it in Britain." Kelly Rowland has no idea why pop peer Nicole Scherzinger was fired from the judging panel of America's X Factor after one season. The former Destiny's Child star has been touted as her replacement.

25th January 2012

Quote: "She's absolutely beautiful! And I say that with such a huge grin! I'm so excited... I just stared at her. She is so beautiful." Kelly Rowland gushes about her pal Beyonce's newborn daughter, Blue Ivy.

20th January 2012

Tweet: "Happy Birthday to the wonderful Mr @GBarlowOfficial!!!! Everybody wish him a Great One!! Xoxo" R&B star Kelly Rowland sends her best wishes to Gary Barlow, her fellow judge on the U.K. version of The X Factor, as he turns 41 on Friday (20Jan12).

10th January 2012

Fact: Kelly Rowland is set to be honoured by Essence magazine for her contribution to music. The star will also perform at the Essence Black Women in Music event next month (08Feb12).

24th December 2011

Quote: "He has such gorgeous skin and the sweetest smile. You can totally kiss him under the mistletoe. That's it - no one else, just Tinie." Kelly Rowland names British rapper Tinie Tempah as her ideal man this Christmas (11).

3rd November 2011

Tweet: "Good to be back in the UK! Feeling more like myself... Excited for what my girls have planned for this week's show!" The X Factor judge Kelly Rowland is back in Britain after she fell ill on a trip to the U.S. and missed her appearance on the U.K. show over the weekend (29-30Oct11).

15th October 2011

Fact: Michael Buble will host a Christmas TV special in the U.K. this festive season (11). The Canadian crooner has reportedly landed Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow as guests for the Michael Buble: Home For Christmas show, which will air on the Itv network in December (11).

10th October 2011

Fact: Singer-turned-talent show judge Kelly Rowland broke down in tears on live TV on Sunday night (09Oct11) when she was forced to kick one of her acts off the U.K.'s The X Factor. The former Destiny's Child star, a judge and mentor on the show, wept as she told a 16-year-old hopeful she was out of the competition.

5th September 2011

Quote: "I've been looking for a house over here and I've found one I love. Fingers crossed it goes through... I didn't think I would love it as much in the U.K. as I do and I am having the time of my life here... Plus, I am really starting to love the men over here too. I am really hoping I end up with one." Singer Kelly Rowland is enjoying living in Britain while she stars on the judging panel of U.K. reality contest The X Factor.

29th August 2011

Quote: "I think she'll be an incredible mother, because she's always been motherly. I think that she takes after so many traits from her mother. And I just think it's going to be so natural for her. Its natural for her now!" Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland on pal Beyonce's pregnancy. The pop star revealed the baby news during her performance at the MTV Vma's on Sunday (28Aug11).

19th August 2011

Quote: "The funny thing is, out of the three of us, no one thought Beyonce would get married first. Everyone thought I would get married first. And that was almost the case." Kelly Rowland admits Beyonce was not planning to wed when they were in Destiny's Child together. She went on to marry rap superstar Jay Z in April, 2008, three years after Rowland broke off her engagement to American football player Roy Williams.

19th August 2011

Fact: Beyonce's sold out concerts at New York's Roseland Ballroom continue to attract the stars - her Telephone collaborator Lady GaGa and former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland were among the fans cheering her on when she performed on Thursday (18Aug11). The Crazy In Love hitmaker's intimate show has previously been watched by husband Jay Z, rapper Sean 'Diddy' Combs, and singers Ne-Yo and The-Dream. The R&B superstar will play the last of four dates on Friday (19Aug11).

4th August 2011

Fact: R&B superstar Beyonce has recruited her former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland to make a cameo in her new video. The singer shot the promo for Party, her collaboration with Kanye West and Outkast rapper Andre 3000, in New Jersey earlier this week (begs01Aug11).

27th July 2011

Fact: Chris Brown and former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland are set to embark on a join tour together this autumn (11). The Kiss Kiss hitmaker announced the news on his account on Wednesday (27Jul11) and teased fans by revealing that other "incredible" artists were set to jump on board, too.

13th June 2011

Tweet: "At the Take That concert to support my fellow judge Gary... I'M lovin it!! They definitely are the U.K.'s most amazing boy band!!! (Well, men)." Kelly Rowland lent her support to her fellow judge on Britain's The X Factor, Gary Barlow, as he performed with his group Take That in Manchester, England on Sunday night (12Jun11).

31st May 2011

Tweet: "Soooooooo Soooooo (sic) Happy For @Kellyrowland!!!! A Judge On The Uk's Hottest Show X-factor! That woman works hard....very proud of u (sic) mama!" Singer Michelle Williams is overjoyed for her former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland, who was confirmed as a judge on British TV talent show The X Factor on Monday (30May11).

31st March 2011

Tweet: "Congrats @Rihanna is the youngest black woman to cover Vogue magazine US." R&B star Kelly Rowland sends her best wishes to Rihanna after the 23 year old landed the honour from the American version of the top fashion magazine.

16th March 2011

Fact: R&B star Kelly Rowland proved there were no hard feelings towards her ex-Destiny's Child bandmate Letoya Luckett by throwing her a 30th birthday party in Hollywood last week (11Mar11). The childhood pals fell out in 2000 when Luckett and another friend, LaTavia Roberson, were dropped from the group's line-up and replaced.

7th February 2011

Quote: "I'll be in the studio on Valentine's Day. Love's hard. I'm not sure I have time for all that right now." Former DESTINY'S CHILD singer Kelly Rowland plans to work on 14 February (11).

5th October 2010

Quote: "As a matter of fact, because I am so dominant and I am a control freak, I would go out on dates, order, pull out my own chair, and I would never see that guy again!" R&B singer Kelly Rowland needs a man who is comfortable with her independence and strong personality.

28th June 2010

Quote: "That took big-girl shoes, let me tell you. I needed so much strength and courage. And to be bold... for my fans." Kelly Rowland on her decision to fire longtime manager, best friend Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles, at the beginning of last year (09).

19th October 2009

Fact: R&B beauty Kelly Rowland is playing 50 Cent's love interest in the rapper's new video for BABY BY ME. The promo will also feature NE-YO.

18th August 2009

Quote: "As of right now, I'm growing old gracefully. But I must admit, if something should fall in the future, why not pick it up." Kelly Rowland isn't against having any more surgery as she grows older. The singer had a boob job in 2007.

12th August 2009

Fact: R&B singer Kelly Rowland will give rap mogul Sean Combs a helping hand on his next reality series STARMAKER. The former Destiny's Child star will serve as a guest host on the programme, which will see wannabe singers battle it out for a recording contract with Combs' Bad Boy Records.

17th June 2009

Quote: "When I first heard his track BONKERS, I literally went bonkers." Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland is a big fan of British rapper Dizzee Rascal.

26th May 2009

Fact: Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland is to launch a new teenager empowerment charity, called I Heart My Girlfriend.

11th May 2009

Quote: "When David first played me the track it made me cry. I definitely had a trickle of tears because it caught something in my heart. The embarrassing thing was we were at a club at the time." R&B star Kelly Rowland shed a tear after hearing her vocals on David Guetta's track WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER.

5th May 2009

Quote: "I wanted to try my hand at hosting. I thought it would be difficult, but I like to run my mouth and I like to ask all of the questions I can so I can be more knowledgeable about fashion." Outspoken singer Kelly Rowland hopes to pick up a few clothes tips presenting new TV competition THE FASHION SHOW alongside designer Isaac Mizrahi.

24th February 2009

Fact: Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland will co-host new reality TV project THE FASHION SHOW with designer Isaac Mizrahi and FERN MALLIS.

22nd February 2009

Fact: R&B singer Kelly Rowland will host upcoming reality programme THE FASHION SHOW. The TV contest, which will premiere on U.S. network Bravo later this year (09), will see a panel of judges critique the work of professional designers.

21st January 2009

Quote: "I remember when I was a kid and I wanted everything in the grocery store - 'I want that! I want that!' - and my grandmother used to say, 'Girl, you'll get that when a black man is the president.' And now, grandma, there is a black man for the president!" Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland is thrilled Barack Obama has been sworn into the White House.

25th November 2008

Quote: "Orlando Bloom is my celebrity crush! He could rub dirt on his face and still be cute." Kelly Rowland has her eye on the British actor.

28th August 2008

Quote: "Michael was one of the nicest people we've ever met - he came up to us singing the lyrics to our song BOOTYLICIOUS! We just stood there like dumbstruck fans, with our mouths open in shock." Former DESTINY'S CHILD singer Kelly Rowland recalls meeting birthday boy Michael Jackson, who turns 50 on 29 August (08).

28th January 2008

Quote: "I really want to get to one of the Spice Girls gigs before they finish their tour." Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland is keen to land tickets to see the reformed British girlband.

20th December 2007

Fact: Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland's choir was the first voted off America's festive talent contest CLASH OF THE CHOIRS on Tuesday night (18Dec07). The five-night show pits choirs assembled by Rowland, Michael Bolton, Nick Lachey, Patti Labelle and country star Blake Shelton against each other.

5th October 2007

Fact: Former DESTINY'S CHILD bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland are among the benefactors of a new 43-unit housing facility in their native Houston, Texas which will help struggling families rebuild their lives after natural and personal disasters.

15th September 2007

Quote: "I want to do an accessories line and I also want to write a children's book." Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland has big plans.

25th August 2007

Fact: 50 Cent, former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland and rocker Perry Farrell have teamed up to record a new college football theme for U.S. sports network ESPN.

5th July 2007

Quote: "Guys are lazy - at least the ones I've known. Be creative; take me to a picnic... It's good. I don't want anything lavish. I've been in a relationship like that and it didn't work." Sexy singer Kelly Rowland hands out tips about wooing her.

4th July 2007

Quote: "I love relaxing in my jacuzzi. I've fallen asleep in it before and woke up all wrinkly." Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland on her favourite nighttime passion.

4th July 2007

Quote: "You have to introduce a new pair to the rest of the family." Kelly Rowland admits she speaks to her shoes.

28th June 2007

Quote: "I admire David Beckham's looks, but I love VICTORIA and I respect her, so don't y'all get twisted." Kelly Rowland insists she won't act on any urges to seduce the soccer superstar out of her respect for his wife.

7th June 2006

Quote: "I wanted to sing like Whitney Houston in that red dress and I have never forgotten that song. I learned it backward, forward, sideways. The video still brings chills to me." Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland on her favourite song, Whitney Houston's version of THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.

11th May 2006

Quote: "I was so embarrassed. I didn't even want to go out of the house." Kelly Rowland recalls her much-publicised split with American football fiance ROY WILLIAMS.

28th March 2006

Fact: DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland's real name in KELENDRIA.

17th February 2006

Quote: <p>"I burp so loud... The producers are shocked when they come in and I'm in the booth burping this manly, ferocious burp that comes through the big speakers." DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland has a belching problem in the studio. </p>

16th November 2005

Fact: <p>R+B trio Destiny's Child will say their official goodbye to fans on THE JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW broadcast on 15 November (05). The entire show will be devoted to Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who will talk about the best moments of their musical journey and perform a collection of their favourite hits. </p>

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