Kelly Rowland sought parenting advice ''spiritually'' from her late mother.

The 'When Love Takes Over' singer's mom Doris passed away just a few weeks after she and husband Tim Weatherspoon welcomed their son Titan into the world in 2014, but the 39-year-old star claimed she has still been able to discuss the little boy with her parent.

Asked if there was anything she wishes she could ask her mother about parenthood, she said: ''I've already had that conversation with her spiritually. It was beautiful.''

Kelly is grateful for the support of Tim and her closest friends, including former Destiny's Child bandmates Beyonce and Michelle Williams, for helping her get through her mother's death ''with peace''.

She said: ''It was such an interesting time. I remember thinking, 'I have to get through this with peace because I didn't want Titan to feel my sadness.

''I had my sisters there, Bey, Michelle, Solange and Angie, and my cousin Mickey, and they helped me get through it.

''If I needed to cry, my husband let me and was such a comfort.

''He'd lost his father suddenly too, so he knew how to console me.

''He was so loving and awesome. I'm grateful for my tribe and community.''

The 'Coffee' singer - who had a difficult upbringing and moved in with Beyonce's family when she was 14 - thinks she, Tim and Titan make a ''great team'' and she and her spouse are in ''complete adoration'' of their little boy.

She said: ''Love is on a whole other level. We're such a great team, me, my husband and Titan, He actually said the other day, 'Me, mommy and daddy are the bestest of friends.'

''We play together, we laugh together, Titan taught me how to be silly.

''We can throw on a nature show and sit there together and be in the happiest little bubble.

''Titan is covered in so much love and respect.

''My husband and I take our time with our son.

''It's all about quality time and seeing the world through his eyes. We're in complete adoration of him.''

When it comes to her marriage, Kelly admitted she isn't always the easiest person to live with but she's determined to make things work.

She added to Red magazine: ''You have to remember you ain't perfect. I'm no walk in the park all the time. He would say my most annoying habit is when I clean up and toss things out that he wanted to keep.

''Or I buy furniture and say, 'Doesn't this look great in here?' And he says, 'Well, I would have loved an opinion!'

''We're learning about communicating every day. We both want it to work.''