Kelly Ripa says Ryan Seacrest is the brother she "never had."

The 52-year-old star has hosted ABC morning talk show 'Live with Kelly and Ryan' with Ryan Seacrest, 47, since 2017 and explained that because they have known each other for more than two decades, the pair have a really "unique" relationship off-camera.

She said: "What's unique is that Ryan Seacrest and I have a 20-plus year friendship. What's unique is that Ryan Seacrest and I have a 20-plus-year friendship. We've known each other a really long time. He's the kid brother I never had. So we've known each other, and we trust each other, and we respect each other. We have a really unique off-camera friendship ... which doesn't happen very often. So we had that going in."

Kelly went on to explain that she and the 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' co-creator have a "shorthand" that allows them to know when to help the other out while on air.

Speaking on the 'Dear Gabby' podcast, she told host Gabby Bernstein: "Certain events are so earth-shattering and they feel so insurmountable. What is unique is that the two of us have, I don't wanna say a psychic ability, but we have a shorthand. We have an ability to read each other in a way where I know where his breaking points are and he knows where mine are. And so when bad things happen we are able to — behind the scenes — connect and say, 'It's gonna be OK, I'll take this one, I got it."