Kelly Ripa needs a haircut ''desperately''.

The television presenter can't wait to go to a hair salon when the lockdown is over, following the coronavirus pandemic, as she feels it is too ''risky'' to cut her own locks off at home.

She said: ''I need a haircut desperately. I've been trimming it myself with kitchen scissors but I really want to lop it off. I want to give myself a bob, but the scissors are just too dull. It's too risky, it's just too risky.''

Kelly has been without a lot of her clothes, hair product and makeup because it has been closed amidst the lockdown.

Speaking on Live with Kelly and Ryan, she added: ''I keep putting on my daughter's self-tanner, thinking that will help. All of my clothes, all of my hair products, and all of my makeup is locked in the studio, which is closed because of everything that is going on.''

Meanwhile, Kelly previously confessed she has had plastic surgery on her earlobes after ''hanging gauges'' caused some damage meaning a surgeon had to ''sew it together''.

In a 'Fashion Finder' video on her show's Instagram page, the daytime host explained: ''I had gauges, like hanging gauges. See these holes up here. These were my earholes that tore all the way through. So I had to go to a plastic surgeon... There's a piece of my earlobe that's not there because he had to sew it together.''

Kelly revealed her love of hanging earrings led to both earlobes tearing right through, although one had a much better recovery than the other.

Pointing to her left ear, she said: ''This one really recovered very nicely. This one is perfect ... [The other one] was just way worse. The damage was worse.''