Kelly Preston has lost a phenomenal 39lbs in weight by using the Organic Liaison weight-loss program created by her close friend Kirstie Alley, who herself has lost 100lbs.
Kelly and husband John Travolta welcomed their third child Benjamin last year, and according to People magazine, the actress "knew losing the baby weight wouldn't be easy". Nevertheless, she enlisted the help of Alley and began her journey to shed the pounds. With a new figure and renewed vitality, the 49-year-old explained, "When I got pregnant at 48, I didn't know if my body would bounce back.I lost 39 lbs, have more energy than I had 20 years ago - and I feel amazing..I'm going to be turning 50 next year - holy sh*t! Hey, 50 is the new 30". The diet, developed by Alley following her stint on Dancing With The Stars, works as an organic supplement system and targets cravings and boosts energy, according to the official website. Preston has now signed on as the diet's spokeswoman and claims, "It's pretty much the most genius thing ever..."
The new look Preston is set to star alongside her husband in Barry Levinson's crime-drama 'Gotti: In the Shadow of the My Father'. The much hyped film, also starring Al Pacino, will focus on the story of crime boss John Gotti and his son.