Kelly Osbourne has heaped praise on Madonna for her parenting skills, insisting she has "done a fantastic job" to bring up such an "unaffected, well-mannered" daughter.
The reality TV star has signed up as the new face of the pop superstar's Material Girl clothing line, which she designs with her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes.
Osbourne has struck up a friendship with the teenager and has been working closely with Madonna on the range.
And she admits she's impressed with how well-rounded the youngster is compared to other celebrity children in the spotlight.
Osbourne tells Access Hollywood, "I think (Lourdes) is the sweetest girl. She's the most unaffected, well-mannered, well-brought up, sweet, loving, caring, normal girl I've ever met in her situation.
"There (are) not many girls in the industry or whose family (is) in the industry that aren't affected. It's really refreshing to meet someone like Lola who is just so genuine and so herself and stays true to it in every sense and, you know, people don't realise how rare that is.
"I've always been a huge, huge, huge fan of Madonna, but it completely changed my whole opinion of her - made me like her even more once I met Lola because she's done a fantastic job with her. Madonna is one of my idols and my first single I ever released was a cover of Papa Don't Preach.
"To have it come full circle - now I'm actually doing something with her and her daughter - it's just kind of like... ahhh!"