Kelly Osbourne is ''so proud'' of Adele and Robert Pattinson.

The 'Fashion Police' host is friends with both stars and thinks they set a great example to the rest of the UK.

She said: ''I know Adele from years back and I've hung out with Robert Pattinson in London since I was 19.

''It makes me so proud of my country that they're all doing so well. Rob was at the Soho House party in LA [after the Golden Globes], and the last time I saw him there, his friend was stealing the toilet roll.

''Everyone was so happy that Adele won Best Original Song [at the Golden Globes]. Adele is so well-loved.

''When she hit the red carpet, everyone's mouths dropped - her skin is glowing. I need to get her baby boy present.''

Kelly enjoyed working at the Golden Globes in her capacity as a host on 'Fashion Police', but still managed to take time out to chat with her friends.

She added to LOOK magazine: ''The best moment was after Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom wowed on the red carpet - they asked my boyfriend Matthew [Mosshart] for a lighter. I know Orlando, so we sat down and had a cigarette and a chat.''