Kelly Osbourne “hid” herself from the world for nine months while pregnant as she feared being body-shamed.

The reality TV personality, 38, who last year had a son with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson, 46, spoke out about her decision to become a recluse when asked by an Instagram user if she had used a surrogate to have her child as they hadn’t seen any pictures of her with a baby bump.

Kelly – who actually showed off her bump once while expecting – replied: “There are no pictures of me pregnant because I hid for nine months because I did not want to get fat-shamed.”

Kelly also denied getting plastic surgery on her face and neck and credited weight loss for her altered appearance.

She added: “Honestly I’ve only had Botox.”

Kelly has kept her son Sidney out of the spotlight since he was born.

It emerged in November Kelly was in the hospital and ready to give birth.

Despite being quiet about motherhood, she has spoken candidly about her weight battles over the years, just like her mum Sharon Osbourne, 70.

Sharon, who first spoke about using Ozempic to lose 30 pounds in May, is now off the drug.

She agreed she “played the odds” by using the weight loss drug sweeping Hollywood on Bill Maher’s ‘Club Random’ podcast.

Sharon said: “You have a weight problem and you’ve tried everything, and then somebody says take this injection and you’re going to be skinny.”

Bill, 67, admitted he would be fearful of using “foreign substances” to lose weight and said it is a game of “always playing the odds” – with which Sharon agreed.

She added: “For me, the first few weeks was f****** s*** because you just throw up all the time. You feel so nauseous.

“After a couple of weeks it goes.”

Admitting that she’s no longer on the drug, Sharon said she still doesn’t get hungry after taking the appetite-suppressing drug.

And after getting over her first couple of weeks of nausea, she was left feeling “fine” and “felt nothing”.