Kelly Osbourne is dating Matthew Mosshart.

The 'Fashion Police' presenter - who was previously engaged to British model LUKE WORRALL - met up with the brother of Kills' frontwoman Allison Mosshart at Kate Moss' wedding to Jamie Hince in England last summer, and they have been together ever since.

A source told "Kelly is dating Matthew Mosshart.

"They met at Kate Moss' wedding and are very much in love. Kelly has learned from her previous relationships and wanted to keep this one quiet for as long as possible. She's never been happier!"

Kelly has even introduced her new man to her parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and her friends are said to be keen on him too.

The source added: "Matthew is the first guy Kelly has ever brought home that every single one of her friends and family like. And he's also the first boyfriend with whom she's had a close relationship with his family."

Kelly, 27, revealed last year she was left "humiliated" after her ex Luke cheated on her with a transsexual.

She said: "It was so humiliating. Everyone kept telling me that Luke was cheating on me but I never believed them.

"It's hard enough to get your head round someone cheating on you, but when that someone is a chick with a d**k ... up until then, I'd always thought the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl.

"Because at least if they cheat on you with a gorgeous girl, it makes some kind of sense. But men are different, I guess; they can have emotionless sex."