Kelly Jones is looking forward to ''a night out'' at the BT London Live concert.

The Stereophonics frontman has been working hard on new music so he and his bandmates Richard Jones, Javier Weyler and Adam Zindani are excited about headlining the show - alongside Northern Irish group Snow Patrol, English rockers Duran Duran and Scottish singer Paolo Nutini - and plans to show his patriotism for his home nation by donning a Wales soccer kit for the gig.

He said: ''We've been cooped up in the studio for most of the year so I think we're looking forward to having a night out.

''It's not often you get the nations all together on the one stage, so I think we'll have to wear the Welsh football kit that night.''

Although the gig is being held to mark the beginning of the 2012 London Olympics, Kelly admitted he hasn't got tickets for any of the sporting events - but if any do come his way, he is only interested in watching female athletes in action.

He told Absolute Radio's Christian O'Connell: ''Have I got any tickets to go to any of the events? I haven't, no. Richard the bass player has - he's taking his kids to quite a few of them.

''I'll have some tickets for the female volleyball if there's any going - or female swimming, or female Tennis... Anything with females really.''

Tickets for the BT London Live opening ceremony - which takes place on July 27 in Hyde Park - are available to buy this Friday (04.05.12) from 9am at