Kelly Jones' eldest child has transitioned to become a boy.

The Stereophonics frontman revealed that his 15 year old - who was born a girl and was named Lolita Bootsy - is transgender and has transitioned to become a boy called Colby.

The musician shares Colby and 12-year-old Misty with his ex-partner Rebecca Walters and admitted to Fearne Cotton on her 'Happy Place' podcast that he initially struggled with Colby's gender change.

He explained: ''For a while it was becoming more and more intense and I remember getting upset one night and I felt like I sounded like an animal because I couldn't work out what was going on.

''You actually go through a grieving process because you feel like you've lost your daughter and you've gained a son and then you get responsible for the siblings and how they're going to deal with it and the grandparents.''

Kelly also revealed that Colby - who has remained at an all girls' school despite the transition - initially came out as a lesbian before discovering that ''it wasn't just a sexuality thing it was a gender thing''.

He said: ''I had found out Bootsy was going through her own sexuality situation and I could tell that was going on for a while and she was asking me questions about this, that and the other.

''Bootsy then worked out it wasn't just a sexuality thing it was a gender thing and it was more and more about transitioning really.

''So now she has gone from Bootsy transitioning into Colby.

''You know if I go to a choir concert at the school and all the girls are there with long hair and look like typical teenage girls and your kid is walking down there with short hair and wearing trousers and jokes that she looks like a bartender.

''You know that either takes a lot of bottle and you are rebelling against something, or there is something else going on.''

And despite his initial reservations, Kelly- who also has a three-year-old daughter Riley with wife Jakki Healy - now fully supports Colby and praised the teen's school for being ''amazing''.

He said: ''She had a lot of anxiety through all this stuff and it felt like every little bomb she gave me and her mum and the family she would get lighter and feel better about herself.

''Now it's got to the point I'm at the school and I'm talking to the school and her name is Colby and now it's a he and in an all girls school. The school have been amazing supporting the whole thing.

''I am at acceptance with it and we are all fully supporting it.

''It's the resistance to everything and your own prejudices and whatever films you've seen, whatever it is or your upbringing or derogatory terminology you've used as a kid, all that comes straight into your head the minute you hear the word trans or transgender.''