Kelly Clarkson's life is ''insane'' at the moment.

The 'I Dare You' singer admitted life at home with husband Brandon Blackstock and their kids River, five, and Remy, four, has been ''chaotic'' while self-quarantining due to the coronavirus pandemic because the children keep ''losing it'' over their school work and she's multitasking with work and chores.

Speaking on 'Today', Kelly said: ''Nine times out of 10, my kids are losing it 'cause they have to do school, which is somehow a shock every day, as well as nap time. It's super fun.

''And I'm cooking all the time and cleaning all the time while doing work for several things. It's, like--it's the most insane thing ever, honestly.''

Fortunately, Kelly has found some relief to get her through.

She quipped: ''And I drink a bit of wine, but we're hanging in there, so it's good.''

The 37-year-old star admitted she's been finding it difficult feeling ''trapped'' at home and having to stay away from other people.

She said: ''Patience isn't a virtue that I hold. I like to stay passionate.

''I make jokes and I smile a lot and everything, especially with my show, too, 'cause we're doing 'The Voice' and 'The Kelly Clarkson Show,' but it is a very hard thing for such an extrovert that is used to living a schedule every day, there are lots of us that are so used to certain schedules and, like, man, just being trapped and not supposed to be around people is a very kind of damaging thing to your psyche.''

Kelly hopes her new single, 'I Dare You', offers the ''perfect message'' to what people are experiencing now.

She said: ''In all seriousness, it is funny with the kids and it is hard doing the teaching and all those kinds of things, but it can be depressing, this kind of isolation.

''It can be a little dark for everyone and there's a lot of uncertainty. We felt like the message before the pandemic, we thought it was a globally connecting environment, the message, but now even more so.''