Kelly Brook is trying to "embrace" her "bigger size".

The 41-year-old model - who is a trim size 12 - has admitted she went a "little crazy" during lockdown last year and starting scoffing pizza, kebabs and, although she'd like to lose a few pounds, she doesn't want to have the same physique she had during her twenties when she was on the cover of lads' magazines.

Speaking to the Daily Mail's FEMAIL, she said: "In lockdown I went a little crazy. I bought a pizza oven, and we did Friday night fakeaways where I made doner kebabs. I even bought an ice cream machine for goodness sake and started churning my own. During lockdown I went to the fridge more than I should have done and I put a lot back on.

"A lot of us now are thinking about pressing reset after the most awful year and it's OK to think about yourself more — we're getting our lives back. It will be a shame to not start that new life looking the best you can.

"I've never hated who I am, and I do embrace my bigger size. I don't want to be like I was in my 20s — I couldn't if I tried, my metabolism has slowed right down — but I'm also aware things can get out of hand and I do have that body type where I can gain weight quickly. If I don't watch it then I creep up to a size 14 or 16, but a size 10 to 12 is where I feel my happiest. My boobs get too big when I'm edging up to a size 16."

The brunette beauty likes to go on long walks with her Cavapoo puppy Teddy to keep her stamina up but she draws the line at joining her fitness-obsessed boyfriend Jeremy Parisi - who she has dated for six years - on his 10-mile runs.

She quipped: "Oh god, the chaffing, can you imagine."