It’s been a pretty tough week for England rugby player Danny Cipriani; he was quite literally hit by a bus when, well, a bus hit him, and his girlfriend – the model Kelly Brook – has told him to sort his life out or it’s over!

A close friend said: “Kelly has told Danny that he needs to sort himself out if their relationship is going to work. Kelly feels quite protective over him and is always wanting to look after him. But her friends are warning her she could get hurt.” But is Danny even that kind of guy? He might not be able to hold his drink, but apparently he doesn’t even enjoy the culture of rugby drinkin. No one does, really. A friend of his said: “He has always been an awful drinker and he could never handle it. It became a bit of a joke so he would always stick to pineapple juice. Hopefully the bus incident will be a wake-up call for him.” And a source close to Danny said: “He hates drinking and hates the big rugby nights out. He only went because if he’s not there then he gets slammed for not being a team player. The whole drinking culture is not him and that is why the incident on Wednesday is so frustrating."

Kelly BrookDanny CiprianiCan these two work it out? Does anyone even care?

Danny is recovering after the incident, which saw a bus collide with him in Leeds. He only had a concussion, and even though the pictures make it look like a serious injury – the scratches and cuts on his face book painful – he only suffered minor injuries.