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23rd October 2014

Quote: "There's moments where I'm tempted to just do that again. It's so liberating to just break away from this stereotype we feel we might have to live up to that's not even real, you know? It's so great. It's so low maintenance, I save money on (hair) dye!" Country singer Kellie Pickler is contemplating shaving her head again, two years after losing her long locks to show her support for her best friend Summer Holt Miller, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her pal has since been declared cancer-free.

30th December 2013

Fact: Singer Kellie Pickler headed to Afghanistan for Christmas to entertain U.S. troops stationed abroad for the holidays. The former American Idol contestant was joined by her husband, Kyle Jacobs, for her seventh tour as part of the United Service Organizations Inc. group, which recruits entertainers to bring a little joy to the lives of U.S. soldiers and their families.

26th September 2013

Fact: Country sweetheart Kellie Pickler's face has been carved into an eight-acre cornfield in her native North Carolina. The singer landed the odd honour at the Shelby Corn Maze attraction after winning American celebrity dance contest Dancing With the Stars last year (12). She replaces Alan Jackson, who was 2012's maze likeness.

16th January 2013

Tweet: "Finally!!! It's official...I'm auntie Kellie!!!!!!" Country star Kellie Pickler is celebrating a new addition to her family. The former American Idol star accompanied the tweet with a photo of herself holding a baby.

6th April 2012

Quote: "You get married and everyone is trying to make you have babies. We are still in the honeymoon phase and honestly neither one of us really want to share each other with anybody!" Singer Kellie Pickler is in no rush to start a family with her husband of 18 months, Kyle Jacobs.

24th February 2011

Fact: Country star Kellie Pickler had the words 'Put it back on' inscribed on the inside of her new husband's wedding ring. The singer wed Kyle Jacobs in Antigua on New Year's Day (01Jan11).

26th August 2010

Quote: "A lot of people confuse Carrie Underwood and me - we're blonde, country and both from American Idol. I get called 'Carrie Pickler', and she gets called 'Kellie Underwood'. But we're totally different - night and day. I'm crazy and she's a lady." Country music star Kellie Pickler.

20th June 2009

Quote: "I don't like to work out just because I'm lazy and I'd rather sleep. My fitness routine consists of sleeping until 2pm. Seriously." Country singer Kellie Pickler sleeps off the pounds.

3rd April 2008

Quote: "I've been doing this for, like, two years now, I've not had a DUI (drink-driving arrest), I've never been to rehab, I don't have a divorce, I got nothing. These kids are, like, way ahead of me." Country star Kellie Pickler fears she's too well-behaved.

8th November 2007

Fact: Country stars Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift joined Brad Paisley as backing dancers for his performance at the 41st annual Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night (07Nov07).

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