Country star Kellie Pickler was overcome with emotion at her show in Illinois on Friday night (26Apr13) when her drummer surprised her onstage, just weeks after suffering serious injuries in a car accident.

Gregg Lohman was hospitalised after he was allegedly rear-ended by a tractor trailer in Kentucky on 2 March (13), and Pickler subsequently asked her fans to pray for his recovery.

But the American Idol star was left stunned last week when she performed in Effingham - Lohman's hometown - as he joined her for the gig with no prior warning.

In a post on her page, she writes, "I cannot even describe how beautifully overwhelming (the) show was. Not only were the people amazing but I also witnessed a miracle. Many of you know about my drummer Gregg and the horrible car accident he was just recently in... He has Never missed a show in the 7 years he's been with me... We happened to be playing in Gregg's hometown so his family and Gregg were able to come to the show.

"Little did I know Gregg was going to surprise me by playing drums for my encore song Red High Heels. When I hit the stage and saw that Gregg was now sitting behind his drum set I fell to pieces. It was special moment for me as well as my band and crew. For those who do not believe in miracles, we witnessed one... There is so much power in prayers, thank you all again for keeping Gregg in yours."

Lohman is still undergoing physical therapy as he recovers from his injuries.