Kellie Maloney says J.K. Rowling is ''entitled'' to her opinion about the transgender community whether people disagree with her or not.

The 'Harry Potter' author recently came under fire for seemingly invalidating trans people when she took to Twitter to slam an article for using the phrase ''people who menstruate'' rather than ''women''.

The 54-year-old writer then went on to post a lengthy essay to her website detailing why she is ''concerned'' about the transgender rights movement and the effect that trans activism may have on the ''education and safeguarding'' of children.

Kellie - who was a boxing promoter known as Frank Maloney before she began her transition in August 2014, fully completing her sex change in 2018 - insists that Rowling doesn't deserve some of the hateful comments that have been aimed at the author over her comments.

However, the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate has urged Rowling to ''clarify her opinion'' as the ''trans umbrella'' is a large group of different people.

In an interview with Simon Gross for Get Gossy with Grossy, Kellie said: ''J.K. Rowling is entitled to her comments right or wrong, they are her opinions.

''She needs to clarify her opinion though as the trans umbrella covers a very large section.''

Kellie also urged people to have more sympathetic attitudes to trans people because they are living with a ''physical illness'' that only be cured with surgery.

She explained: ''Being trans is a physical illness, it's why need doctors to correct it just to be the person who we know we are and live in peace.

''As a boxing manager I had a great life, staying in the best hotels, flying by Virgin, always upgraded, but I wasn't happy.

''I was happy with my life, I loved my partner, I loved my children, but I was not happy with me because I couldn't understand who I was.

''As Frank I never looked forward to the day, work kept me sane. I drank, I contemplated suicide many times.

''My life now as a trans woman is happy, I'm lucky.''

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