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Kelli Ali: Tigermouth Reviewed
Kelli Ali: Tigermouth Reviewed Release Date: 24.06.02
Kelli Ali made her rise to fame when she joined the band The Sneaker Pimps. For some unknown reason the guys in the Sneaker Pimps made the decision to get rid of Kelli, unfortunately for them they haven't been as successful without her.

Kelli used this opportunity and started to make music featuring a lot of personal influences from her own life. Following the dismay with the Pimps, Kelli took the chance to learn about oriental philosophies (kung fu, meditation and ancient magic.) When her kung fu teacher told her about the strength point on the hand called the 'tigermouth' the word stuck with her.

After 2 years of grooming and perfecting her sound and a raunchy cd cover to boot, the arrival of Tigermouth (Kelli's first self directed album) has come upon us. Recorded in LA, and using a melting pot of producers including Rick Nowells who has worked wit Madonna and Dido in the past.

Tigermouth is an unusual array of "mature perfect pop" sometimes skimming the edges of "cheesy". What I mean is Tigermouth is home to a couple of commercial tracks (work those singles girl).

The first track is Inferno High Love, perhaps one of the more complex tracks the track has a nice balance, shimmered with R&B and a discreet funky beat it works well as an in-road for the album, this is also going to be the first release due out on the 10th of June. The rest of the album is basically made up of love songs, although they all have their own subtle flavours. Paper Moon edges towards an oriental vibe, while Sunlight in the Rain is more downbeat.

Here Comes the Summer is one of the weakest tracks on the 50-minute album. Kids is the longest track, it lasts a whopping 10.57 seconds, John Densmore (The Doors) features on the drums.

If what you are after is a "son of" Becoming X, be warned,. You won't find it in Tigermouth. The Ex punk from Birmingham is no more. It's the kind of "girly" album people may find a great comfort when on the rebound.

Kelli's voice is still as enchanting as ever and the project is nicely produced and quite cleverly executed, but sometimes it feels lacking, somehow.

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