Review of Rocking Horse Album by Kelli Ali

Review of Kelli Ali's album 'Rocking Horse'.

Kelli Ali Rocking Horse Album

Kelli Ali is most known her lead vocals with trip hop band Sneaker Pimps. Her new outfit is still as innovative as trip hop but very different. In fact 'Rocking Horse' released on One Little Indian Records questioned whether I was on mushrooms and floating into some wonderland. It's all very subtle with Ali's soft, almost whispering vocals in a genuine
folk/psychedelic way with violins, wind instruments, acoustic guitar with shades of Jose Gonzalez and keys. It's like some kind of bizarre medieval ritual

It certainly is original and its own thing. There are introspective emotive feelings you can draw from this album. The concept of it is almost as controversial as Portishead but the campfire version. It has the same depth of female serenity and organic feel.

Whether I like it or not I'm unsure. I could possibly be not cool enough or not hip enough to see ingenuity but I still applaud the alternative vibe and folk sensibility of the album and enjoyed the soft serene moments. Ali is an innovator for sure.

Tareck Ghoneim

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