Outspoken rap star Kelis has her ex-boyfriend Pharrell Williams to thank for her romance with fiance NAS - because THE NEPTUNES star knew the pair would be good together.

Kelis and Williams dated briefly in 2001, and have remained close friends ever since - and she credits him for suggesting she met up with Nas.

She says, "Pharrell was one of the people who was always like, 'Nas would be perfect for you.'"

Kelis recalls her first meeting with her husband-to-be, claiming it was "hard love at first sight."

She adds, "He was like, 'I'm a bit drunk, but I've been wanting to make you my wife for years.'

"I said, 'That's great because that's what I wanna be.' Two days later we had our first date - it was raining and we walked through Central Park. It was dope.

"We have the most calm relationship. Neither of us are party people, so when we go, we do it together and we have a good time. Then he'll whisper to me, 'Let's go watch Best In Show', and then we leave."

25/09/2003 02:14