Kelis is set to present at cannabis conference Prohibition Partners LIVE 2020.

The 'Milkshake' hitmaker will be a central part of the two-day virtual conference, which is set to take place on June 22 and 23, where she will join over 100 speakers to discuss cannabis culture and the role it plays in society.

Kelis, who is the host of Netflix show 'Cooked with Cannabis', will appear on the Cannabis Americana stage at the digital event, where she will personally rustle up a dish using cannabis as a key ingredient.

In a statement, she said: ''Cannabis is experiencing a global revolution and that revolution has come to our kitchens too. Cannabis is becoming a cooking ingredient in its own right, as chefs create sumptuous cannabis tasting menus at private dinners. Whilst conventionally, eating cannabis has long been about function over flavour, legalisation has seen several prominent chefs become advocates of the plant.''

Kelis will also take part in the discussion, 'The Sound of Cannabis', where she and other speakers will examine how cannabis brands can leverage cannabis' long held association with music to connect with audiences and how cannabis can become ever more mainstream through its associations with music and culture.

Prohibition Partners LIVE was set up by the producers behind the annual Cannabis Europa conference, which is usually held every year at the Southbank Centre.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cannabis Europa has been axed for this year, and so digital conference Prohibition Partners LIVE will be going ahead instead, combining Cannabis Europa with four other global events all run by Prohibition Partners.

The event will feature live-streamed keynotes and panel talks from CEOs, policymakers and cultural leaders across five virtual stages.

Alongside Kelis, CJ Wallace - the son of the late rap legend The Notorious B.I.G - and his business partner Willie Mack will be at the event representing 'Think BIG', as well as media personality Todd Shapiro.

To find out more or to book tickets, prospective attendees can visit: