Kelis has had to stop ordering milkshakes because she can't stand the jokes any more.

The 36-year-old singer's most famous song is 2003's 'Milkshake', which was a hit all over the world.

Although Kelis is very proud of the track she has grown tired of the endless gags and puns and so has ditched the dairy drink from her diet.

In an interview with ES Magazine, she said: ''I stopped ordering milkshakes a long time ago because the jokes were getting irritating. Luckily, no one drinks milkshakes in California anyway, because life here (in LA) is one big health fad.''

Although she lives in health-conscious Los Angeles with her six-year-old son Knight - her son with ex-husband Nas - Kelis refuses to follow every fad and still likes traditional foods and ingredients.

The R&B star - who is currently pregnant with her second child - explained: ''Neurotic, crazy foodies live here, but I'm not one of those people who is afraid of butter. People shouldn't be scared of salt either. I don't use iodised stuff, but sea or kosher salt makes a big difference to a dish.''

Kelis loves cooking and spends most of her free time in her kitchen creating delicious dishes on her 7ft long oven which comes complete with gold knobs.

She boasted: ''My oven rocks! It's 7ft long and canary yellow with gold knobs. It was handmade in France and delivered by guys in white gloves. It gets hot as hell so I can cook for hundreds with it.''