Kelis' six-year-old son is looking forward to the arrival of a sibling.

Knight, six, is the child of the 'Milkshake' hitmaker and her former rapper husband Nas - and apparently can't wait for his mother to give birth to her second child.

She said: ''My son is excited to be a brother and I'm thrilled. With my cookbook coming out and a new baby, it's a really exciting time for us.''

Meanwhile, Kelis has revealed she's developed an unusual craving during her latest pregnancy.

She told US Weekly magazine: ''I'm pregnant! I'm so excited! It's really amazing.

''My neighbour grows tomatoes and leaves them on my doorstep and I'll cut them up, use salt and pepper, and just eat them like that!''

What's more, Kelis admitted she's developed cravings for other foods that have popped up in conversation.

She shared: ''I'm very open to the power of suggestion. If someone talks about a certain food, my pregnancy brain gets so focused and I have to have it!''

During her previous pregnancy, Kelis and Nas split when she was seven months along and the couple divorced in 2010 after five years of marriage.